US: /ˈtɹɔmə/
UK: /tɹˈɔːmɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

trauma /'trɔ:mə/
  • danh từ, số nhiều traumata, traumas
    • (y học) chấn thương

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U] (psychology) a mental condition caused by severe shock, especially when the harmful effects last for a long time: the effects of trauma and stress on the body + The children showed no signs of trauma after their ordeal.
2 [C, U] an unpleasant experience that makes you feel upset and/or anxious: She felt exhausted after the traumas of recent weeks.
3 [U, C] (medical) an injury: The patient suffered severe brain trauma.

Collocation dictionary


major, severe | emotional, physical, psychological | childhood
The phobia may have its root in a childhood trauma.


go through, suffer | get over, recover from

Concise English dictionary

traumata|traumas'traʊmə /'trɔː-
+any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
+an emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects