US: /tɹəˈdɪʃən/
UK: /tɹɐdˈɪʃən/

English Vietnamese dictionary

tradition /trə'diʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự truyền miệng (truyện cổ tích, phong tục tập quán... từ đời nọ qua đời kia)
    • truyền thuyết
      • based only on tradition(s): chỉ dựa vào truyền thuyết
    • truyền thống
      • the tradition of heroism: truyền thống anh hùng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
[C, U] a belief, custom or way of doing sth that has existed for a long time among a particular group of people; a set of these beliefs or customs: religious / cultural / literary traditions + This region is steeped in folklore and tradition. + The company has a long tradition of fine design. + The British are said to love tradition (= to want to do things in the way they have always been done). + They broke with tradition (= did things differently) and got married quietly. + By tradition, children play tricks on 1 April. + There's a tradition in our family that we have a party on New Year's Eve. + He's a politician in the tradition of (= similar in style to) Kennedy.

Thesaurus dictionary

custom, practice, habit, usage, convention, ritual, rite, unwritten law, institution, form, praxis, lore:
Exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve has long been a tradition in our family.

Collocation dictionary


age-old, ancient, archaic, centuries-old, deep-rooted, enduring, living, long/long-established, old, time-honoured, unbroken, well-established | distinguished, fine, great, honourable | cherished, hallowed | dominant, powerful, strong | ancestral, family | local, national, native | folk, popular | oral | Catholic, Christian, pagan, etc. | Eastern, English, European, etc. | 19th-century, classical, medieval, modernist, etc. | academic, artistic, cultural, ideological, literary, military, musical, philosophical, political, religious, sociological, sporting, teaching, theatrical
This region has a great sporting tradition.
| democratic, liberal, radical, revolutionary


have | cherish, continue, follow (in), keep alive, maintain, preserve, uphold
Following in the Hitchcock tradition, he always appears in the films he directs. Villagers get together every year to keep this age-old tradition alive.
| hand down
an oral tradition handed down from generation to generation
| break (with), go against
He broke with the family tradition and did not go down the mines.
| establish, start | revive


continue, die hard, survive
Old habits and traditions die hard.


according to (a/the) ~
According to tradition, a tree grew on the spot where the king was killed.
| by ~
By tradition, nobody interrupts an MP's maiden speech.
| in (a/the) ~
In time-honoured tradition, a bottle of champagne was smashed on the ship. He's a politician in the tradition of (= similar in style to)Kennedy.


a departure from tradition
In a departure from tradition, the bride wore a red dress.
| in the best traditions of sth
The building was constructed in the best traditions of medieval church architecture.
| respect for tradition
I acquired lasting respect for tradition and veneration for the past.

Concise English dictionary

+an inherited pattern of thought or action
+a specific practice of long standing