US: /ˈθəndɝ/
UK: /θˈʌndɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

thunder /'θʌndə/
  • danh từ
    • sấm, sét
      • a clap of thunder: tiếng sét ổn
    • tiếng ầm vang như sấm
      • thunder of applause: tiếng vỗ tay như sấm
    • sự chỉ trích; sự đe doạ
      • to fear the thunders of the press: sợ những lời chỉ trích của báo chí
      • to look as black as thunder: trông có vẻ hầm hầm đe doạ
  • động từ
    • nổi sấm, sấm động
    • ầm ầm như sấm
      • the cannon thundered: súng đại bác nổ ầm ầm như sấm
    • la lối, nạt nộ, chửa mắng

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun [U]
1 the loud noise that you hear after a flash of LIGHTNING, during a storm: the rumble of distant thunder + a clap / crash / roll of thunder + Thunder crashed in the sky.
2 a loud noise like thunder: the thunder of gunfire / hooves
Idioms see FACE n., STEAL v.
+ verb
1 [V] when it thunders, there is a loud noise in the sky during a storm: It was thundering all night but there was no rain.
2 [V] to make a very loud deep noise: A voice thundered in my ear. + thundering traffic / hooves / machinery
3 [V +adv./prep.] to move very fast and with a loud deep noise: Heavy trucks kept thundering past.
4 [VN +adv./prep.] (informal) to make sth move somewhere very fast: Owen thundered the ball past the goalie.
5 (written) to shout, complain, etc. very loudly and angrily: [V] He thundered against the evils of television. + [V speech] 'Sit still!' she thundered. [also VN]

Thesaurus dictionary

1 roll, reverberation, boom, booming, roar, roaring, pealing, rumble, rumbling; crash, crashing, crack, cracking, explosion, blast:
We were deafened by the thunder of the tanks crossing the bridge above us.
2 roll, reverberate, boom, roar, rumble, resound; explode, crash, crack, blast:
The noise of the jets thundered through the valley.
3 shout, yell, scream, bellow, bark, roar; denounce, fulminate against, swear (at), rail (at), curse (at), execrate; threaten, intimidate, menace:
'Fee, fie, foe, fum!' thundered the giant. No secretary will tolerate his thundering at her.

Collocation dictionary


The thunder was getting louder and louder.
| dull
The gunfire rumbled like dull thunder.
| distant
the rumble of distant thunder
| approaching


clap, crash, peal, roll, rumble


boom, break, burst, crash, explode, roar
Thunder boomed in the sky overhead.
| growl, grumble, roll, rumble | rattle sth, shake sth
The windows were shaken by a tremendous crash of thunder.


| cloud


the sound of thunder, there's thunder in the air
(= thunder is likely),
thunder and lightning

Concise English dictionary

+a deep prolonged loud noise
+a booming or crashing noise caused by air expanding along the path of a bolt of lightning
+street names for heroin
+move fast, noisily, and heavily
+utter words loudly and forcefully
+be the case that thunder is being heard
+to make or produce a loud noise