US: /ˈθɹɛd/
UK: /θɹˈɛd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

thread /θred/
  • danh từ
    • chỉ, sợi chỉ, sợi dây
      • silk thread: chỉ tơ
    • (nghĩa bóng) dòng, mạch
      • the thread of life: dòng đời, đời người
      • to lose the thread of one's argument: mất mạch lạc trong lập luận
    • đường ren
    • (địa lý,địa chất) mạch nhỏ (quặng)
    • to have not a dry thread on one
      • ướt sạch, ướt như chuột lột
    • life hung by a thread
      • tính mệnh như treo đầu sợi tóc, tính mệnh như trứng treo đầu đẳng
  • ngoại động từ
    • xâu (kim...); xâu (hột ngọc...) thành chuỗi
    • (nghĩa bóng) lách qua, len lỏi qua
      • to thread one's way through the crowd: lách qua đám đông
    • ren (đinh ốc)

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U, C] a thin string of cotton, wool, silk, etc. used for sewing or making fabric: a needle and thread + a robe embroidered with gold thread + the delicate threads of a spider's web
2 [C] an idea or a feature that is part of sth greater; an idea that connects the different parts of sth: A common thread runs through these discussions. + The author skilfully draws together the different threads of the plot. + I lost the thread of the argument (= I could no longer follow it).
3 [VN] [C] ~ (of sth) a long thin line of sth: A thread of light emerged from the keyhole. + a silvery thread of water
4 [C] the raised line that runs around the length of a screw and that allows it to be fixed in place by twisting
5 (threads) [pl.] (old-fashioned, AmE, slang) clothes
Idioms see HANG v., PICK v.
+ verb
1 [VN] [usually +adv./prep.] to pass sth long and thin, especially thread, through a narrow opening or hole: to thread a needle (with cotton) + to thread cotton through a needle + A tiny wire is threaded through a vein to the heart.
2 [+adv./prep.] to move or make sth move through a narrow space, avoiding things that are in the way: [V] The waiters threaded between the crowded tables. + [VN] It took me a long time to thread my way through the crowd.
3 to join two or more objects together by passing sth long and thin through them: to thread beads (onto a string) + Thread the cubes of meat and vegetables onto metal skewers.
4 [VN] to pass film, tape, string, through parts of a piece of equipment so that it is ready to use
5 [VN] [usually passive] to sew or weave a particular type of thread into sth: a robe threaded with gold and silver

Thesaurus dictionary

1 fibre, filament, strand, (piece of) yarn; string, line, cord, twine:
Threads from his jacket were found clutched in the victim's hand. The glass is spun out into fine threads.
2 theme, plot, story-line, subject, motif, thesis, course, drift, direction, tenor, train (of thought), sequence or train or chain of events:
It is difficult to follow the thread of the story when it has so many digressions.
3 string:
Carefully thread the beads onto the wire.
4 file, wind, pass, squeeze (through), pick or make (one's) way (through), inch, ease:
He threaded his way through the crowd to reach the dais.

Collocation dictionary

1 piece of cotton, etc.


strong | delicate, fine, fragile, thin | loose | matching | cotton, silk, etc. | embroidery, sewing | warp, weft


length, piece


spin | catch, pull
You've pulled a thread in your jumper.


hanging by a thread
(often figurative) The player's career is hanging by a thread after this latest injury to his knee.

2 connection between ideas, parts of a story, etc.


central, main | common, connecting | consistent, continuous | narrative | loose
Apart from one or two loose threads, the police now had the complete picture of what happened.


follow, trace
I found it hard to follow the main thread of his argument.
| lose
The speaker lost his thread halfway through the talk.
| keep
She struggled against all the interruptions to keep the thread of her argument.
| draw together, pick up, pull together, weave
The author eventually picks up the various threads of the plot and weaves them into a masterly conclusion.


run through sth
A continuous thread runs through all the versions of the legend.
| emerge
On studying the different historians' accounts, common threads emerge.
| unravel
As the film progresses, the threads of the plot slowly begin to unravel.

Concise English dictionary

+a fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving
+any long object resembling a thin line
+the connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together
+the raised helical rib going around a screw
+to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
+pass a thread through
+remove facial hair by tying a fine string around it and pulling at the string
+pass through or into
+thread on or as if on a string