US: /ˈθɪkɝ/
UK: /θˈɪkɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

thick /θik/
  • tính từ
    • dày
      • a thick layer of sand: lớp cát dày
    • to, mập
      • a thick pipe: cái ống to
    • đặc, sền sệt
      • thick soup: cháo đặc
    • dày đặc, rậm, rậm rạp
      • thick fog: sương mù dày đặc
      • thick crowd: đám đông dày đặc, đám người đông nghịt
      • thick hair: tóc râm
      • thick forest: rừng rậm
    • ngu đần, đần độn
    • không rõ, lè nhè
      • a thick utterance: lời phát biểu không rõ
      • voice thick with drink: giọng lè nhè vì say
    • thân, thân thiết
      • to be thick together: thân với nhau
      • as thick as thieves: rất ăn ý với nhau, rất thân
    • quán nhiều, thái quá
      • it's a bit thick: hơi nhiều, hơi quá
    • thick with
      • đầy, có nhiều
    • thick with dust: đầy bụi
    • to lay it on thick
      • ca ngợi hết lời, tán dương hết lời
  • phó từ
    • dày, dày đặc
      • the snow was falling thick: tuyết rơi dày đặc
      • thick and fast: tới tấp
    • khó, cứng; mệt nhọc, khó khăn, nặng nề
      • to breathe thick: thở khó khăn
      • to speak thick: nói khó khăn, nói lắp bắp
  • danh từ
    • chỗ mập nhất, chỗ dày nhất
      • the thick of the leg: bắp chân
    • chính giữa, chỗ dày nhất
      • the thick of the forest: chính giữa rừng
    • chỗ tập trung nhất, chỗ hoạt động nhất
      • the thick of the fight: chỗ (lúc) ác liệt nhất của cuộc chiến đầu
      • in the thick of it: chính đang lúc (đánh nhau...)
    • through thick and thin
      • trong mọi hoàn cảnh dễ dàng cũng như gay go; trong bất cứ điều kiện nào; kiên cường
    • to go through thick and thin for someone
      • mạo hiểm vì người nào

Thesaurus dictionary

1 broad, wide, solid, thickset, burly, ample, solid, bulky, substantial, beamy:
He sank his teeth into the thickest sandwich I have ever seen. She is a bit thicker in the mid-section than I had remembered, but a good ketch nonetheless.
2 Usually, thick with. dense, solid, compact, concentrated, condensed, packed, close-packed, compressed, crowded, choked, filled, full, deep, clotted, chock-full or choke-full or chuck-full, chock-a-block, teeming, swarming, alive, bristling, crawling, bursting, crammed, jammed, brimming, Colloq lousy with:
The gallery was thick with visitors.
3 compact, condensed, compressed, choking, packed, impenetrable, impassable, dense; pea-soup, soupy, murky, misty, foggy, smoggy, smoky, opaque, obscure, obscuring, hazy:
We plunged deeper into the thick jungle. A thick fog blanketed the valley.
4 abundant, plentiful, bushy, luxuriant:
Her thick red hair tumbled down over her shoulders.
5 dense, viscid, viscous, gelatinous, mucilaginous, gluey, glutinous, ropy, coagulated, clotted, congealed, jelled, jellied, inspissated, stiffish; stiff, firm, rigid, solid:
For a thicker sauce, use cornflour.
6 thickheaded, thick-witted, thick-skulled, dense, stupid, slow, slow-witted, dull, dull-witted, stolid, obtuse, gormless, boneheaded, fat-headed, pin-headed, wooden-headed, addle-pated, halfwitted, block-headed, doltish, Boeotian, cretinous, imbecilic, moronic, US thimble-witted; insensitive, thick-skinned; Colloq dim-witted, Slang dopey:
How could anyone so thick have become an executive?
7 guttural, hoarse, throaty, raspy, rasping, rough, husky, grating, gravelly, indistinct, distorted, inarticulate; gruff, raucous:
'I need you,' he moaned, his voice thick with emotion.
8 close, friendly, like that, inseparable, devoted, hand in glove, on good terms, on the best (of) terms, intimate, Colloq chummy, pally, (as) thick as thieves, Brit matey, well in, US palsy-walsy:
We were thick in the old days, going everywhere together.
9 marked, pronounced, strong, decided, obvious, typical:
She speaks English with a thick Polish accent.
10 core, heart, centre, middle, focus, midst:
If it's a fight, you can be sure that Timothy will be in the thick of it.

Concise English dictionary

+the location of something surrounded by other things
+not thin; of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions
+having component parts closely crowded together
+relatively dense in consistency
+spoken as if with a thick tongue
+hard to pass through because of dense growth
+(of darkness) very intense
+heavy and compact in form or stature
+(used informally) associated on close terms
+used informally
+abounding; having a lot of
+with a thick consistency
+in quick succession