US: /ˈðɛɹˌfɔɹ/
UK: /ðˈe‍əfɔː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

therefore /'ðeəfɔ:/
  • phó từ
    • bởi vậy, cho nên, vì thế, vậy thì

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb
used to introduce the logical result of sth that has just been mentioned: He's only 17 and therefore not eligible to vote. + There is still much to discuss. We shall, therefore, return to this item at our next meeting.

Thesaurus dictionary

consequently, so, thus, as a result or consequence, hence, ergo, for that reason, wherefore, accordingly, that being so or the case:
Demand for our products has fallen dramatically, and we cannot therefore expect to make a profit this year.

Concise English dictionary

+(used to introduce a logical conclusion) from that fact or reason or as a result
+as a consequence