US: /ˈðæt/, /ðət/
UK: /ðˈæt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

that /ðæt/
  • tính từ chỉ định, số nhiều those
    • ấy, đó, kia
      • that man: người ấy
      • in those days: trong thời kỳ đó
      • those books are old: những quyển sách ấy đã cũ
  • đại từ chỉ định, số nhiều those
    • người ấy, vật ấy, cái ấy, điều ấy; người đó, vật đó, cái đó, điều đó
      • what is that?: cái gì đó?
      • who is that?: ai đó?
      • after that: sau đó
      • before that: trước đó
      • that is: nghĩa là, tức là
      • will you help me? - that I will: anh có vui lòng giúp tôi không? xin rất sẵn lòng
      • that's right: phải đó
      • that's it: tốt lắm
      • what that?: sao vậy?, sao thế?
      • and that's that; so that's that: đấy, chỉ có thế, chỉ thế thôi
    • cái kia, người kia
      • to prefer this to that: thích cái này hơn cái kia
    • cái, cái mà, cái như thế
      • a house like that described here: một cái nhà giống như cái tả ở đây
    • at that
      • (xem) at
  • đại từ quan hệ
    • người mà, cái mà, mà
      • he is the very man [that] I want to see: anh ấy đúng là người mà tôi cần gặp
      • this is he that brought the news: đây là người đã mang tin lại
      • he that sows iniquity shall reap sorrows: ai gieo gió sẽ gặt bão
      • the night [that] I went to the theatre: bữa tối mà tôi đi xem hát
  • phó từ
    • như thế, đến thế, thế
      • I've done only that much: tôi chỉ làm được đến thế
      • that far: xa đến thế
    • như thế này
      • the boy is that tall: đứa bé cao như thế này
    • (thân mật) đến nỗi
      • I was that tired I couldn't speak: tôi mệt đến nỗi không thể nói được
  • liên từ
    • rằng, là
      • there's no doubt that communism will be achieved in the world: chắc chắn rằng chủ nghĩa cộng sản sẽ được thực hiện trên khắp thế giới
    • để, để mà
      • light the lamp that I may read the letter: thắp đèn lên để tôi có thể đọc bức thư
    • đến nỗi
      • the cord was such long that I could not measure it: sợi dây dài đến nỗi tôi không thể đo được
    • giá mà
      • oh, that I knew what was happening!: ôi! giá mà tôi biết cơ sự như thế này!
    • in that
      • bởi vì
    • it is that
      • là vì

Advanced English dictionary

determiner, pronoun, conjunction, adverb
1 used for referring to a person or thing that is not near the speaker or as near to the speaker as another: Look at that man over there. + How much are those apples at the back?
2 used for referring to sb/sth that has already been mentioned or is already known about: I was living with my parents at that time. + That incident changed their lives. + Have you forgotten about that money I lent you last week? + That dress of hers is too short.
pronoun )
1 used for referring to a person or thing that is not near the speaker, or not as near to the speaker as another: Who's that? + That's Peter over there. + Hello. Is that Jo? + That's a nice dress. + Those look riper than these.
2 used for referring to sb/sth that has already been mentioned, or is already known about: What can I do about that? + Do you remember when we went to Norway? That was a good trip. + That's exactly what I think.
3 (formal) used for referring to people or things of a particular type: Those present were in favour of change. + There are those who say (= some people say) she should not have got the job. + Salaries are higher here than those in my country.
4 (plural that) used as a relative pronoun to introduce a part of a sentence which refers to the person, thing or time you have been talking about: Where's the letter that came yesterday? + Who was it that won the US Open? + The watch (that) you gave me keeps perfect time. + The people (that) I spoke to were very helpful. + It's the best novel (that) I've ever read. + We moved here the year (that) my mother died.
Help Note: In spoken and informal written English that is nearly always left out when it is the object of the verb or is used with a preposition.
Idioms: and (all) that (BrE, informal) and everything else connected with an activity, a situation, etc.
Synonym: AND SO ON
Did you bring the contract and (all) that?
that is (to say) used to say what sth means or to give more information: He's a local government administrator, that is to say a civil servant. + You'll find her very helpful-if she's not too busy, that is.
that's that used to say that your decision cannot be changed: Well I'm not going, and that's that.
+ conjunction
1 used after some verbs, adjectives and nouns to introduce a new part of the sentence: She said (that) the story was true. + It's possible (that) he has not received the letter. + The fact (that) he's older than me is not relevant.
Help Note: In spoken and informal written English that is usually left out after reporting verbs and adjectives. It is less often left out after nouns.
2 so ...that ... used to express a result: She was so tired (that) she couldn't think straight.
Help Note: In informal English that is often left out.
3 (literary) used for expressing a hope or a wish: Oh that I could see him again!
+ adverb
1 used when saying how much or showing how long, big, etc. sth is with your hands: I can't walk that far (= as far as that). + It's about that long.
2 not (all) ~ not very, or not as much as has been said: It isn't all that cold. + There aren't that many people here.
3 (BrE, informal) used to emphasize how much: I was that scared I didn't know what to do.

Concise English dictionary

adj. pronoun used to indicate a specific person or thing
adv. to such a degree
pron. pronoun used to indicate a specific person or thing
conj. in order for