US: /ˈθæŋks/
UK: /θˈæŋks/

English Vietnamese dictionary

thanks /'θæɳks/
  • danh từ số nhiều
    • lời cảm ơn, sự cảm ơn
      • to express one's thanks: tỏ lời cảm ơn, cảm tạ
      • [very] many thanks;thanks very much: cảm ơn lắm
      • no thanks: thôi, xin cảm ơn
      • small thanks to you, I got for it: (mỉa mai) xin cảm ơn ạ, xin đủ
    • thanks to
      • nhờ có
    • thanks to your help: nhờ có sự giúp đỡ của anh

Advanced English dictionary

exclamation, noun
exclamation-see also THANK YOU
1 ~ (for sth / doing sth) used to show that you are grateful to sb for sth they have done: Thanks a lot for lending me the money. + Many thanks for your support. + 'How are you?' 'Fine, thanks.' (= thanks for asking)
2 a polite way of accepting sth that sb has offered you: 'Would you like a coffee?' 'Oh, thanks.' + 'Here's the change.' 'Thanks very much.' + 'Do you want to come with us?' 'I'd love to, thanks.'
3 (no thanks) a polite way of refusing sth that sb has offered you: 'Would you like some more?' 'No thanks.'
+ noun [pl.] ~ (to sb) (for sth) words or actions that show that you are grateful to sb for sth
How can I ever express my thanks to you for all you've done? + Thanks are due to all those who worked so hard for so many months. + She murmured her thanks. + We gave thanks to God for all our blessings.
Idioms: no thanks to sb/sth in spite of sb/sth; with no help from sb/sth: We managed to get it finished in the end-no thanks to him (= he didn't help).
thanks to sb/sth (sometimes ironic) used to say that sth has happened because of sb/sth: It was all a great success-thanks to a lot of hard work. + Everyone knows about it now, thanks to you!

Thesaurus dictionary

1 express or show (one's) gratitude or thanks or appreciation, say thank you or thanks, give or offer or tender thanks:
Don't forget to thank your uncle for the gift, William.
2 blame, hold responsible, credit, acknowledge:
You have your mother to thank for the present state of affairs.
3 thanks. gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness, acknowledgement, recognition, thanksgiving:
I gave thanks that I was again on dry land.
4 thanks to. owing to, because of, as a result of, thanks be given to, in consequence of, as a consequence of, by reason of, through, Sometimes non-standard due to:
Thanks to you, I have to commute to work by train.

Collocation dictionary


big, special
A big thanks to all of you who supported our fund-raising campaign.
| heartfelt, sincere, warm | grateful


express, give, say
We would like to express our warmest thanks for all you've done. I said thanks and put the phone down.
| nod, smile
She smiled her thanks as the car drove off.
| get, receive
You'll get little thanks from him for all your trouble.
| accept | deserve
Their generosity deserves our grateful thanks.


go to sb
Thanks go to Claire Potter for making the hall available to us.


as/in ~ for
He got a bottle of whisky in thanks for his cooperation.
| ~ to
He gave thanks to God for the safe return of his son.


a letter/vote/word of thanks
The chairperson proposed a vote of thanks to the volunteers.
| many thanks
Many thanks for the flowers.
| thanks be to God
We were all pulled out alive, thanks be to God.

Concise English dictionary

+an acknowledgment of appreciation
+with the help of or owing to

+express gratitude or show appreciation to