US: /ˈtɛstəˌmoʊni/
UK: /tˈɛstɪməni/

English Vietnamese dictionary

testimony /'testiməni/
  • danh từ
    • sự chứng nhận, sự nhận thực; lới chứng, lời khai
      • to bear testimony to: nhận thực cho, chứng nhận cho
      • in testimony of: để làm chứng cho
    • bằng chứng, chứng cớ
      • false testimony: bằng chứng giả mạo

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural testimonies)
1 [U, sing.] ~ (to sth) a thing that shows that sth else exists or is true
This increase in imports bears testimony to the successes of industry. + The pyramids are an eloquent testimony to the ancient Egyptians' engineering skills.
2 [C, U] a formal written or spoken statement saying what you know to be true, usually in a court of law: a sworn testimony + Her claim was supported by the testimony of several witnesses. + Can I refuse to give testimony?

Thesaurus dictionary

evidence, attestation, affirmation, confirmation, verification, authentication, corroboration, avowal, deposition, statement, affidavit, declaration, assertion, claim, averral, asseveration, information:
We have only his testimony that the woman caused the accident.

Collocation dictionary

1 formal statement that sth is true


reliable | false | oral, sworn, verbal, written | eyewitness, personal | expert | court, trial
a transcript of the trial testimony


give | hear


by your ~
He had by his own testimony taken part in the burglary.
| in ~
In testimony before the Crown Court, she described her movements on the day of the murder.
| ~ about
The witness was called to give oral testimony about the incident outside the theatre.
| ~ against
The court heard her testimony against the accused.
| ~ before

2 proof


ample, clear, eloquent, powerful, remarkable, striking


bear, stand as


~ to
His thick, swollen fingers bore testimony to a lifetime of toil.

Concise English dictionary

testimonies'testɪməʊnɪ /-mənɪ
+a solemn statement made under oath
+an assertion offering firsthand authentication of a fact
+something that serves as evidence