US: /ˈtɛɹ/, /ˈtɪɹ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

tear /tiə/
  • danh từ, (thường) số nhiều
    • nước mắt, lệ
      • to shed tears: rơi lệ, nhỏ lệ
      • to weep tears of joy: mừng chảy nước mắt, mừng phát khóc
      • to move to tears: làm cho cảm động ứa nước mắt
      • to keep back one's tears: cầm nước mắt
      • full of tears; wet will tears: đẫm nước mắt
    • giọt (nhựa...)
    • danh từ
      • chỗ rách, vết rách
      • (thông tục) cơn giận dữ
      • (thông tục) cách đi mau
        • to go full tears: đi rất mau
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) cuộc chè chén say sưa
      • ngoại động từ tore; torn
        • xé, làm rách
          • to tear a piece of paper in two: xé một tờ giấy làm đôi
          • an old and torn coat: một cái áo cũ rách
        • làm toạc ra, cắt sâu, làm đứt sâu
          • to one's hand on a nail: bị một cái đi làm toạc tay
        • kéo mạnh, giật
          • to tear one's hair: giật tóc, bứt tóc
      • nội động từ
        • rách, xé
          • paper tears easily: giấy dễ rách
        • to tear along
          • chạy nhanh, đi gấp
        • to tear at
          • kéo mạnh, giật mạnh
        • to tear away
          • chạy vụt đi, lao đi
        • giật cướp đi
        • to tear down
          • giật xuống
        • chạy nhanh xuống, lao xuống
        • to tear in and out
          • ra vào hối hả; lao vào lao ra
        • to tear off
          • nhổ, giật mạnh, giật phăng ra
        • lao đi
        • to tear out
          • nhổ ra, giật ra, xé ra
        • to tear up
          • xé nát, nhổ bật, cày lên
        • to tear up and down
          • lên xuống hối hả, lồng lộn
        • to tear oneself away
          • tự tách ra, dứt ra, rời đi

      Advanced English dictionary

      verb, noun-see also TEAR
      + verb
      (tore )
      1 to damage sth by pulling it apart or into pieces or by cutting it on sth sharp; to become damaged in this way: [VN] I tore my jeans on the fence. + I tore a hole in my jeans. + He tore the letter in two. + a torn handkerchief + [VN-ADJ] I tore the package open. + I tore open the package. + [V] Careful-the fabric tears very easily.
      2 [VN] ~ sth in sth to make a hole in sth by force: The blast tore a hole in the wall.
      remove from sth / sb
      3 [VN +adv./prep.] to remove sth from sth else by pulling it roughly or violently: The storm nearly tore the roof off. + I tore another sheet from the pad. + He tore his clothes off (= took them off quickly and carelessly) and dived into the lake.
      4 ~ yourself / sb (from sb/sth) to pull yourself/sb away by force from sb/sth that is holding you or them: [VN] She tore herself from his grasp. + [VN-ADJ] He tore himself free.
      injure muscle
      5 [VN] to injure a muscle, etc. by stretching it too much: a torn ligament + She tore a calf muscle playing squash.
      move quickly
      6 [V +adv./prep.] to move somewhere very quickly or in an excited way: He tore off down the street. + A truck tore past the gates.
      7 (in adjectives) very badly affected or damaged by sth: to bring peace to a strife-torn country + a strike-torn industry
      See also - WAR-TORN
      Idioms: tear sb/sth apart, to shreds, to bits, etc. to destroy or defeat sb/sth completely or criticize them or it severely: We tore the other team apart in the second half. + The critics tore his last movie to shreds.
      tear at your heart
      tear your heart out (formal) to strongly affect you in an emotional way
      tear your hair (out) (informal) to show that you are very angry or anxious about sth: She's keeping very calm-anyone else would be tearing their hair out.
      (be in) a tearing hurry / rush (especially BrE) (to be) in a very great hurry
      tear sb off a strip
      tear a strip off sb (BrE, informal) to speak angrily to sb who has done sth wrong
      that's torn it (BrE, informal) used to say that sth has happened to spoil your plans
      more at HEART, LIMB, LOOSE adj.
      Phrasal Verbs: tear sth<->apart
      1 to destroy sth violently, especially by pulling it to pieces: The dogs tore the fox apart. + They tore the room apart, looking for money.
      2 to make people in a country, an organization or other place fight or argue with each other: Racial strife is tearing our country apart.
      3 to make sb feel very unhappy or worried: His distress tore me apart.
      tear at sth to pull or cut sth violently so that it tears: He tore at the meat with his bare hands.
      tear yourself away (from sth)
      tear sth away (from sth) to leave somewhere even though you would prefer to stay there; to take sth away from somewhere: Dinner's ready, if you can tear yourself away from the TV. + She was unable to tear her eyes away from him (= could not stop looking at him).
      be torn between A and B to be unable to decide or choose between two things or feelings: I was torn between my parents and my friend.
      tear sth<->down to pull or knock down a building, wall, etc.
      Synonym: DEMOLISH
      They're tearing down these old houses to build a new office block.
      tear into sb/sth
      1 to attack sb/sth physically or with words: The wind tore into him.
      2 to start doing sth with a lot of energy: They tore into their food as if they were starving. + The band tore into their opening number.
      tear sth<->up to destroy a document, etc. by tearing it into pieces: She tore up all the letters he had sent her. + (figurative) He accused the leader of tearing up the party's manifesto (= of ignoring it).
      + noun
      a hole that has been made in sth by tearing: This sheet has a tear in it.
      Idioms see WEAR n.
      + noun
      [usually pl.]-see also TEAR a drop of liquid that comes out of your eye when you cry: A tear rolled down his face. + She left the room in tears (= crying). + He suddenly burst into tears (= began to cry). + As he listened to the music, his eyes filled with tears. + Their story will move you to tears (= make you cry). + They reduced her to tears (= made her cry, especially by being cruel or unkind). + Ann wiped a tear from her eye. + The memory brought a tear to her eye (= made her cry). + Most of the audience was on the verge of tears. + I was close to tears as I told them the news. + Desperately she fought back the tears (= tried not to cry). + to shed tears of pain / frustration / happiness + The tears welled up in his eyes.
      Idioms see BLOOD n., BORED, CROCODILE, END v.

      Thesaurus dictionary

      1 rip, rend, rive, rupture, pull apart, shred, mutilate, mangle, claw, split, divide, separate, sever:
      The tiger is tearing its quarry to shreds. He tore the contract in half and stormed out.
      2 pull, snatch, wrench:
      The force of the blast tore the attaché case from my grasp. The child was torn from her mother's arms by the soldier.
      3 dash, fly, run, gallop, race, sprint, rush, scoot, shoot, sprint, speed, bolt, dart, flit, scurry, scuttle, career, zoom, hurry, hasten, Colloq zip:
      He is tearing around trying to find the money to cover his loan.
      4 rip, rent, rupture, hole, split, slash, gore, cut, score, slit, gash, fissure, rift, laceration:
      Nobody will see the tear in your trousers if you remain seated.

      Collocation dictionary


      angry, bitter, emotional
      There were angry tears in Lily's eyes.
      | burning, fresh, hot, salty, scalding
      Her eyes were blinded by scalding tears.
      | genuine, real | crocodile
      (figurative) (= insincere)They weep crocodile tears for the poor and disadvantaged but are basically happy with things as they are.
      | great, huge, large | single, solitary | silent | helpless, sudden, uncontrollable | unshed
      His eyes were bright with unshed tears.

      VERB + TEAR

      cry, shed, weep
      She wept silent tears when she heard his name. (figurative) I won't shed any tears when Frank retires.
      | dry, wipe (away)
      I picked the little girl up and helped dry her tears. She wiped a tear from her eye.
      | blink/choke/fight/hold back
      He had to fight back tears of frustration.
      | break down in, burst into
      She broke down in tears in court.
      | move/reduce sb to
      His father's angry shouting reduced the little boy to tears.
      | brim/fill with
      His eyes filled with sudden tears.
      | end in
      (figurative) (= to have an unhappy result)

      TEAR + VERB

      appear, brim in your eyes, brim over, come, fill your eyes, form, gather, spring into/to your eyes, start, well (up)
      Her tears brimmed over and fell on her cheek. He could never read the letter without tears coming to his eyes.
      | course/pour/roll/run/slide/trickle down sth, drip into/onto sth, fall, flow, overflow, stream
      A single tear rolled slowly down her cheek.
      | stand
      Tears stood in Oliver's eyes.
      | blur sth, cloud sth
      Tears blurred his vision.
      | burn (sth), prick (at/in) sth, sting your eyes
      She felt tears pricking her eyelids.
      | dry (up)


      in ~s
      He came to me in tears.
      | through your ~s
      She tried to smile through her tears.
      | ~ for
      He shed no tears for his lost youth.
      | ~ of
      tears of happiness
      | ~ over
      It turned out to be a lot of tears over nothing.


      bring tears to your eyes
      It brings tears to your eyes to see the children having such fun.
      | close/near to tears
      More than once I came near to tears.
      | a flood/floods of tears
      We were in floods of tears at the end of the film.
      | a mist of tears
      I saw it all through a mist of tears.
      | on the verge of tears, tears in your eyes, too deep for tears
      There are times when suffering may be too deep for tears.

      Concise English dictionary

      tore|torn|teares|teared|tearing|tearstɪr /tɪə
      +a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands
      +an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart
      +an occasion for excessive eating or drinking
      +the act of tearing
      +separate or cause to separate abruptly
      +to separate or be separated by force
      +move quickly and violently
      +strip of feathers
      +fill with tears or shed tears