US: /ˈtɑɹdi/
UK: /tˈɑːdi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

tardy /'tɑ:di/
  • tính từ
    • chậm chạp, thiếu khẩn trương, đà đẫn
    • muộn, trễ

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
~ (in doing sth) (formal) slow to act, move or happen; late in happening or arriving: The law is often tardy in reacting to changing attitudes. + people who are tardy in paying their bills + (AmE) to be tardy for school
tardily adverb
tardiness noun [U]: the tardiness of the company's response

Thesaurus dictionary

1 late, unpunctual, behind schedule, overdue, behindhand:
Yet again you have been somewhat tardy in completing your assignments.
2 slow, dilatory, belated, slack, retarded, sluggish, reluctant, indolent, lackadaisical, listless, phlegmatic, slothful, lethargic, languid:
They have been tardy in acknowledging the importance of Allen's work.

Concise English dictionary

tardier|tardiest'tɑrdɪ /'tɑː-
+after the expected or usual time; delayed