US: /səˈpɹaɪz/, /sɝˈpɹaɪz/
UK: /səpɹˈa‍ɪz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

surprise /sə'praiz/
  • danh từ
    • sự ngạc nhiên
      • his surprise was visible: vẻ ngạc nhiên của anh ta lộ rõ ra
      • to my great surprise: làm tôi rất ngạc nhiên
    • sự bất ngờ, sự bất thình lình
      • the post was taken by surprise: đồn bị chiếm bất ngờ
    • điều làm ngạc nhiên, thú không ngờ
      • I have a surprise for you: tôi đành cho anh một thú không ngờ
    • (định ngữ) bất ngờ
      • a surprise visit: cuộc đến thăm bất ngờ
    • (định ngữ) ngạc nhiên
      • surprise packet: gói trong đó có những thứ mình không ngờ, gói "ngạc nhiên"
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm ngạc nhiên, làm kinh ngạc
      • more surprised than frightened: ngạc nhiên hơn là sợ
    • đột kích, đánh úp; chộp thình lình, chộp bắt (ai); bắt quả tang (ai)
      • to surprise someboby in the act: bắt ai quả tang
    • bất thình lình đẩy (ai) đến chỗ
      • to surprise someone into consent: bất thình lình đẩy ai đến chỗ phải đồng ý

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
1 [C] an event, a piece of news, etc. that is unexpected or that happens suddenly: What a nice surprise! + a surprise attack / announcement / visit + There are few surprises in this year's budget. + I have a surprise for you! + It comes as no surprise to learn that they broke their promises. + Her letter came as a complete surprise. + There are lots of surprises in store for visitors to the gallery. + Visitors to the gallery are in for a few surprises. + Life's full of surprises. + She likes springing surprises on people.
2 [U, C] ~ (at sth)
~ (at seeing, hearing, etc.) a feeling caused by sth happening suddenly or unexpectedly: a look of surprise + She looked up in surprise. + He gasped with surprise at her strength. + They couldn't conceal their surprise at seeing us together. + I got a surprise when I saw the bill. + Much to my surprise, I passed. + To everyone's surprise, the plan succeeded. + Imagine our surprise when he walked into the room! + The decision has been greeted with surprise. + They expressed surprise at the outcome.
3 [U] the use of methods that cause feelings of surprise: A successful campaign should have an element of surprise.
Idioms: surprise, surprise (spoken)
1 (ironic, often disapproving) used to show that sth is not a surprise to you, as you could easily have predicted that it would happen or be true: One of the candidates was the manager's niece, and surprise, surprise, she got the job.
2 used when giving sb a surprise: Surprise, surprise! Look who's here!
take sb/sth by surprise to attack or capture sb/sth unexpectedly or without warning: The police took the burglars by surprise.
take sb by surprise to happen unexpectedly so that sb is slightly shocked; to surprise sb: His frankness took her by surprise.
+ verb
1 to make sb feel surprised: [VN] It wouldn't surprise me if they got married soon. + [VN wh-] It's always surprised me how popular he is. + [VN that] It surprises me that you've never sung professionally. + [VN to inf] Would it surprise you to know that I'm thinking of leaving?
2 [VN] to attack, discover, etc, sb suddenly and unexpectedly: The army attacked at night to surprise the rebels. + We arrived home early and surprised a burglar trying to break in.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 shock, astound, astonish, amaze, disconcert, nonplus, dumbfound or dumfound, stagger, take aback, strike, hit, Colloq floor, bowl over, flabbergast, rock or set (someone) back on his or her or Chiefly Brit their heels, Brit knock (someone) for six, US knock (someone) for a loop:
What surprised me was her coolness in the face of danger.
2 take or catch unawares, catch red-handed or in the act or in flagrante delicto, catch napping or off guard, discover:
When Samuel Johnson's wife found him with a maid, she said, 'Dr Johnson! I am surprised!', to which he replied, 'No, madam: you are amazed. I am surprised.'
3 shock, astonishment, amazement, stupefaction, wonder, incredulity:
Imagine my surprise to learn that I was being arrested.
4 blow, jolt, shocker, bolt from or US also out of the blue, bombshell, eye-opener:
It came as a surprise to me that my sister was pregnant.

Collocation dictionary

1 feeling of surprise


great, utter | mild, some | initial
After the initial surprise I got to like the place.
| mock
His eyebrows rose in mock surprise.


The Egyptian team relied on the element of surprise to defeat their stronger opponents.


express, register, show | feign
He feigned surprise when I went up and said hello.
| hide
She was quick to hide her surprise.
| cause
The president's remarks caused surprise and embarrassment.


in ~
‘Walk twenty miles!’ repeated the old man in surprise.
| to your ~
Much to her surprise she enjoyed the party.
| with/without ~
It was with some surprise that I read of his resignation.
| ~ at
She showed no surprise at the news.


an expression/a look of surprise, a gasp/scream/shriek, etc. of surprise

2 sth that you did not expect


big, complete, great, major, total | lovely, nice, pleasant, wonderful


come as | get, have
I had a lovely surprise when I saw Mark there.
| spring
Johnson sprung a surprise by beating the favourite in the first round.
| be in for
Your mother's in for a bit of a surprise when she gets home.
| catch sb by, take sb by
The storm took us completely by surprise.


announcement, attack, party, victory, visit


~ for
It was a complete surprise for me.
| ~ to
His refusal came as no surprise to his boss.


a bit of a/quite a surprise


greatly, really | not at all
The outcome did not surprise me at all.
| hardly | a little, slightly


It wouldn't surprise me if they announced they were going to get married.
| seem to | want to
They wanted to surprise their mother and get the breakfast ready.

Concise English dictionary

surprises|surprised|surprisingsər'praɪz /sə'p-
+the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you
+a sudden unexpected event
+the act of surprising someone
+cause to be surprised
+come upon or take unawares
+attack by storm; attack suddenly