US: /səˈpoʊz/
UK: /sʌpˈə‍ʊz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

suppose /sə'pouz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • giả sử, giả thiết, giả định
    • đòi hỏi, cần có (lý thuyết, kết quả...)
      • that supposes mechanism without flaws: cái đó đòi hỏi máy móc phải thật tốt
    • cho rằng, tin, nghĩ rằng
      • I suppose we shall be back in an hour: tôi cho rằng một giờ nữa chúng tôi sẽ quay lại
      • I don't suppose he will come: tôi nghĩ rằng anh ấy sẽ không đến
    • (lời mệnh lệnh) đề nghị
      • suppose we try another: đề nghị chúng ta cố một keo nữa; hay là chúng thử một lần nữa
      • to be supposed: có nhiệm vụ
      • he is not supposed not read the letter: anh ta không có nhiệm vụ đọc cái thư ấy

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 to think or believe that sth is true or possible (based on the knowledge that you have): [V] Getting a visa isn't as simple as you might suppose. + Prices will go up, I suppose. + [VN to inf] (formal) This combination of qualities is generally supposed to be extremely rare. + [VN to inf, VN-ADJ] (formal) She had supposed him (to be) very rich. + [VN-N] (formal) I had supposed his wife a younger woman. + [V (that)] I don't suppose for a minute that he'll agree (= I'm sure that he won't). + Why do you suppose he resigned? + I suppose all the tickets have been sold now, have they? + There is no reason to suppose she's lying. + I suppose you think that's funny, do you? (= showing anger).
Help Note: 'That' is nearly always left out, especially in speech.
2 to pretend that sth is true; to imagine what would happen if sth were true: [V (that)] Suppose flights are fully booked on that day-which other day could we go? + Let us suppose, for example, that you are married with two children. + [VN] (formal) The theory supposes the existence of life on other planets. + [VN-ADJ] (formal) Suppose him dead-what then? [also VN-N, VN to inf]
3 used to make a statement, request or suggestion less direct or less strong: [V] I could take you in the car, I suppose (= but I don't really want to). + 'Can I borrow the car?' 'I suppose so' (= Yes, but I'm not happy about it). + What I'm saying, I suppose, is that she's not really suitable for the job. + [V (that)] I don't suppose (that) I could have a look at your newspaper, could I? + Suppose we take a later train?
Idioms: be supposed to do / be sth
1 to be expected or required to do/be sth according to a rule, a custom, an arrangement, etc: You're supposed to buy a ticket, but not many people do. + I thought we were supposed to be paid today. + The engine doesn't sound like it's supposed to. + You were supposed to be here an hour ago! + How was I supposed to know you were waiting for me? + 'Yes and no.' 'What is that supposed to mean?' (= showing that you are annoyed)
2 to be generally believed or expected to be/do sth: I haven't seen it myself, but it's supposed to be a great movie. + She's supposed to have had hundreds of lovers.
not be supposed to do sth to not be allowed to do sth: You're not supposed to walk on the grass.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 assume, presume, presuppose, surmise, take, take as given or as read, take for granted; believe, think, fancy, imagine; Colloq take it:
Don't people usually suppose that civil servants are honest? I supposed her to be his wife. Do you suppose you could return my key today?
2 hypothesize, theorize, postulate, posit, assume:
Supposing a reduced rate of inflation, will they reduce interest rates? Suppose that you have lost the election - what will you do?

Collocation dictionary


mistakenly, wrongly


be plausible to, be reasonable to
It's reasonable to suppose that people go into this business in search of fame.
| be absurd to, be implausible to, be naive to, be unreasonable to


be commonly/generally/popularly suppposed
This combination of qualities is generally supposed to be extremely rare.
| reason to suppose sth
There is no reason to suppose she's lying.

Concise English dictionary

supposes|supposed|supposingsə'pəʊz ,spəʊz
+express a supposition
+expect, believe, or suppose
+to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds
+take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand
+require as a necessary antecedent or precondition