US: /ˈstɝ/
UK: /stˈɜː/

English Vietnamese dictionary

stir /stə:/
  • danh từ
    • (từ lóng) nhà tù, trại giam
    • sự khuấy, sự quấy trộn
      • to give one's coffec a stir: khuấy cà phê
    • sự chuyển động
      • no stir in the air: không có một tí gió
    • sự cời (củi, cho lửa cháy to)
      • to give the fire a stir: cời cho lửa cháy to lên
    • sự náo động, sự huyên náo, sự xôn xao
      • to make a stir: gây náo động, làm xôn xao
      • full of stir and movement: náo nhiệt
  • ngoại động từ
    • khuấy, quấy
      • to stir tea: khuấy nước trà
    • làm lay động, làm chuyển động
      • not a breath stirred the leaves: không có một tí gió nào làm lay động cành lá
    • cời (củi)
      • to stir the fire: cời củi cho cháy to
    • ((thường) + up) kích thích, khích động, khêu gợi, xúi gục; gây ra
      • to stir someone's blood: kích động nhiệt tình (lòng ham muốn) của ai
      • to stir someone's wrath: khêu gợi lòng tức giận của ai
      • to stir up curiosity: khêu gợi tính tò mò
      • to stir up dissensions: gây mối bất đồng
  • nội động từ
    • có thể khuấy được
    • động đậy, nhúc nhích, cựa quậy
      • he never stirs out of the house: nó không bao giờ đi ra khỏi nhà
      • he is not stirring yet: nó vẫn chưa dậy
    • to stir one's stumps
      • (thông tục) ba chân bốn cẳng

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb
1 [VN] ~ sth (into sth)
~ sth (in) to move a liquid or substance around, using a spoon or sth similar, in order to mix it thoroughly: She stirred her tea. + Stir the paint before you use it. + The vegetables are stirred into the rice while it is hot. + Stir in the milk until the sauce thickens.
2 to move, or to make sth move, slightly: [V] She heard the baby stir in the next room. + [VN] A slight breeze was stirring the branches. + A noise stirred me from sleep.
3 to move, or to make sb move, in order to do sth: [V] You haven't stirred from that chair all evening! + [VN] Come on, stir yourself. You're late! + Their complaints have finally stirred him into action.
4 [VN] ~ sb (to sth) to make sb excited or make them feel sth strongly: a book that really stirs the imagination + She was stirred by his sad story.
5 [V] (of a feeling or a mood) to begin to be felt: A feeling of guilt began to stir in her. + New optimism was stirring throughout the country.
cause trouble
6 (BrE, informal, disapproving) to try to cause trouble: [VN] You're just stirring it! [also V]
See also - STIRRER
Idioms: stir the blood to make sb excited
stir your stumps (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) to begin to move; to hurry
Phrasal Verbs: stir sb<->up to encourage sb to do sth; to make sb feel they must do sth
stir sth<->up
1 to make people feel strong emotions: to stir up anger / discontent / hatred
2 to try to cause arguments or problems: to stir up a debate + Whenever he's around, he always manages to stir up trouble. + We've got enough problems without you trying to stir things up.
3 to make sth move around in water or air: The wind stirred up a lot of dust.
+ noun
1 [sing.] excitement, anger or shock that is felt by a number of people: Her resignation caused quite a stir.
2 [C, usually sing.] the action of stirring sth: Could you give the rice a stir?

Thesaurus dictionary

1 Often, stir up. agitate, shake (up), mix (up), scramble, amalgamate, mingle, commingle, intermingle, merge, blend, fold (in), churn (up), beat, whip (up):
Stir all the ingredients together.
2 move, rise, arise, get up, bestir (oneself), be up and about, Colloq get a move on, get moving, get a wiggle on, shake a leg, look or step lively, look alive, stir one's stumps:
It is about time you were up and stirring.
3 disturb, trouble, affect, upset, stimulate, activate:
The play stirred the conscience of the king. Mention 'diet' to Roberta and you'll stir up a wasp's nest.
4 Often, stir up. motivate, encourage, stimulate, energize, galvanize, electrify, animate, excite, inspire, provoke, move, rouse, arouse, get, prompt, urge, incite, spur, prod, induce, persuade, convince:
What will it take to stir the council to take action? The usual rabble-rousers were there, stirring up the crowd.
5 Often, stir up. awaken, rouse, (cause to) recall or call to mind, revive, resuscitate:
Those photographs stir up so many old memories!
6 bustle, activity, movement, stirring, action, commotion, flurry, confusion, tumult, ado, to-do, fuss, disturbance, excitement, hubbub, Colloq Brit kerfuffle:
There was a stir at the door, which was flung wide to allow Kitty to sweep in. The news of her marriage caused quite a stir.
7 prison, jail or Brit also gaol, jail-house, clink, penitentiary, lock-up, Military Brit glasshouse, US brig, Slang chiefly Brit quod, US big house, pen, slammer, can, calaboose:
He claims he's in stir for something he didn't do.

Collocation dictionary

1 action of stirring




give sth
Give the mixture a good stir.

2 general excitement or shock


considerable, great, real


cause, create


~ about/over
There was quite a stir about the book.
| ~ among/amongst
The discovery caused something of a stir among physicists.


quite a/something of a stir

Concise English dictionary

stirred|stirring|stirsstɜr /stɜː
+a prominent or sensational but short-lived news event
+emotional agitation and excitement
+a rapid active commotion
+move an implement through with a circular motion
+move very slightly
+stir feelings in
+stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of
+affect emotionally
+summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic
+to begin moving, "As the thunder started the sleeping children began to stir"
+mix or add by stirring