US: /ˈsteɪt/
UK: /stˈe‍ɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

state /steit/
  • đại từ
    • trạng thái, tình trạng
      • a precarious state of health: tình trạng sức khoẻ mong manh
      • in a bad state of repair: ở một tình trạng xấu
    • địa vị xã hội
    • (thông tục) sự lo lắng
      • he was in quite a state about it: anh ta rất lo ngại về vấn đề đó
    • quốc gia, bang
      • Southern States: những bang ở miền nước Mỹ
    • nhà nước, chính quyền
    • sự phô trương sang trọng, sự trang trọng, sự trọng thể, sự huy hoàng
      • to be welcomed in great state: được đón tiếp rất trọng thể
      • in state: với tất cả nghi tiết trọng thể
    • tập (trong sách chuyên đề)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) ngai, bệ
    • to lie in state
      • quàn
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) nhà nước
      • state documents: những văn kiện của nhà nước
      • state leaders: những vị lãnh đạo nhà nước
    • (thuộc) chính trị
      • state prisoner: tù chính trị
      • state trial: sự kết án của nhà nước đối với hững tội chính trị
    • dành riêng cho nghi lễ; chính thức
      • state carriage: xe ngựa chỉ dùng trong các nghi lễ cổ truyền của Anh
      • state call: (thông tục) cuộc đi thăm chính thức
  • ngoại động từ
    • phát biểu, nói rõ, tuyên bố
      • to state one's opinion: phát biểu ý kiến của mình
    • định (ngày, giờ)
    • (toán học) biểu diễn bằng ký hiệu (một phương trình...)

Advanced English dictionary

noun, adjective, verb
+ noun
condition of sb / sth
1 [C] the mental, emotional or physical condition that a person or thing is in: a confused state of mind + He was in a state of permanent depression. + A report condemned the state of prisoners' cells. + anxieties about the state of the country's economy + The building is in a bad state of repair (= needs to be repaired). + She was in a state of shock. + (BrE, informal) Look at the state of you! You can't go out looking like that. + You're not in a fit state to drive. - CONDITION
2 (also State) [C] a country considered as an organized political community controlled by one government: the Baltic States + the State of Israel + European Union member states
part of country
3 (also State) [C] (abbreviation St.) an organized political community forming part of a country: the states of Victoria and Western Australia + the southern States of the US
4 (also the State) [U, sing.] the government of a country: matters / affairs of state + people who are financially dependent on the state + a state-owned company + They wish to limit the power of the State.
official ceremony
5 [U] the formal ceremonies connected with high levels of government or with kings and queens: The president was driven in state through the streets.
the us
6 (the States) [pl.] (informal) the United States of America: I've never been to the States.
Idioms: be in / get into a state (informal, especially BrE)
1 to be/become excited or anxious: She was in a real state about her exams. + He made a mistake and got into a terrible state about it.
2 to be dirty or untidy: What a state this place is in!
in a state of grace (in the Roman Catholic Church) having been forgiven by God for the wrong or evil things you have done: He died in a state of grace.
a state of affairs a situation: This state of affairs can no longer be ignored.
the state of play
1 the stage that has been reached in a dispute, process, etc. which has not yet been completed: What is the current state of play in the peace talks?
2 (especially BrE) the score in a sports match, especially in cricket
turn State's evidence (AmE) = turn King's / Queen's evidence at EVIDENCE
more at LIE v., NANNY
+ adjective (also State) [only before noun]
1 provided or controlled by the government of a country: state education + families dependent on state benefits (= in Britain, money given by the government to people who are poor) + state secrets (= information that could be harmful to a country if it were discovered by an enemy)
2 connected with the leader of a country attending an official ceremony: The Queen is on a state visit to Moscow. + the state opening of Parliament + the state apartments / rooms (= used for official ceremonies)
part of country
3 connected with a particular state of a country, especially in the US: a state prison / hospital / university + state police / troopers + a state holiday / tax
+ verb
1 to formally write or say sth, especially in a careful and clear way: [VN] He has already stated his intention to run for election. + The facts are clearly stated in the report. + There is no need to state the obvious (= to say sth that everyone already knows). + [V wh-] State clearly how many tickets you require. + [V that] He stated categorically that he knew nothing about the deal. + [VN that] It was stated that standards at the hospital were dropping. + [VN to inf] The contract was stated to be invalid.
Help Note: This pattern is usually used in the passive.
2 [VN] [usually passive] to fix or announce the details of sth, especially on a written document: This is not one of their stated aims. + You must arrive at the time stated. + Do not exceed the stated dose (= of medicine).

Thesaurus dictionary

1 condition(s), circumstance(s), situation, state of affairs, status, shape, position:
He was concerned about the state of the company's finances.
2 structure, form, constitution, shape, phase, stage:
One does not see iodine in its gaseous state outside the laboratory.
3 grandeur, pomp, style, splendour, magnificence, glory, brilliance:
The prince was met at the airport and escorted in state to the palace.
4 nation, country, land, body politic:
No longer a colony, it became an independent state in 1952.
5 governmental, government, national, federal:
The State schools in the town had a good reputation.
6 ceremonial, formal, dignified, stately, solemn, official; royal, regal, imperial, majestic:
We attended a state dinner at the White House. The Queen travelled in the state coach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.
7 aver, assert, asseverate, declare, affirm, express, report, articulate, voice, specify, delineate, claim, maintain, allege, submit, confirm; say, testify, hold, have:
He has often stated his firm belief in democracy. He stated firmly that he was not in the house on the night of the murder.

Collocation dictionary

1 condition


acceptable, fit, good, healthy
She managed to get the company's finances into a healthy state.
| appalling, awful, bad,
desperate, dire, dreadful, pitiful,
poor, sorry, terrible | run-down
We were shocked at the run-down state of the hospital.
| emotional, mental, psychological
He's not in a fit enough mental state to drive. | physicalThe inspectors assess the physical state of schools and equipment.
| financial | nervous, trance-like
He goes into a trance-like state when he plays the guitar.
| current, present | former, previous | natural
You can either varnish the wood or leave it in its natural state.
constant, continual, continuous,
permanent, perpetual
The country is in a perpetual state of anarchy.
| advanced
an advanced state of dehydration


get into, go into | get sth into


in a ~
Jane was in a terrible state after losing her job.
| into a ~
Babies can cry themselves into a state of frenzy.
| ~ of
His life seems to be in a constant state of chaos.


be in a good/bad, etc. state of repair
The house was in a poor state of repair when we bought it.
| a state of affairs
The brothers' refusal to work together had brought about this sad state of affairs.
| a state of emergency
The government has declared a state of emergency in the flooded regions.
| a state of flux
The education system is still in a state of flux following the recent reform.
| a state of health
He's concerned about his mother's state of health.
| a state of mind
Public speaking can produce a state of mind akin to panic.
| a state of shock
The driver was just sitting there in a state of shock.
| a state of war

2 country/government


independent, nation, sovereign | foreign | democratic, one-party, socialist, totalitarian, etc. | member
member states of the European Union
| powerful, strong | weak | neighbouring


enterprise, monopoly | control, ownership
The telephone network is still under state control.
| property
Every citizen could buy shares in privatized state property.
| sector, system
Teachers in the state sector are asking for a 7% pay rise. schools outside the state system
| education, school
Did you go to a state school or a private school?
| aid, funding, funds, subsidy, support | benefit, pension
unemployed people living on state benefit The state pension is barely enough to live on.
| intervention
large-scale state intervention in industry
| spending
Some prefer tax cuts to greater state spending on health and social services.
| employee | secret
He was shot for passing state secrets to foreign powers.


affairs/matters of state
The president's wife is said to have a powerful hand in affairs of state. | head of stateVisiting heads of state usually stay in the palace.


clearly, plainly
Please state clearly how many tickets you require.
| exactly, explicitly, expressly, precisely, specifically
These facts were nowhere explicitly stated.
| categorically, definitely, positively, unequivocally
She stated categorically that she had no intention of leaving.
| emphatically, firmly | bluntly, flatly
‘Alcohol doesn't solve problems,’ she stated flatly.
| confidently | correctly, rightly | falsely, incorrectly, wrongly | openly, publicly
He stated his own views quite openly.
| formally, officially | blandly | easily
The demands are more easily stated than met.
| briefly, succinctly | quietly | just, merely, simply
I am merely stating the facts.
| repeatedly | previously
As previously stated, the phrase ‘value for money’ has an ambiguous meaning.


go on to
The report goes on to state that: …
| fail to
The committee failed to state their reasons for this decision.


stated above/below
We cannot accept this proposal for the reasons stated above.
| state the obvious
At the risk of stating the obvious, people who have not paid cannot be admitted.
| unless otherwise stated/unless stated otherwise
All the photographs in this book, unless otherwise stated, date from the 1950s.

Concise English dictionary

+the group of people comprising the government of a sovereign state
+the territory occupied by one of the constituent administrative districts of a nation
+a politically organized body of people under a single government
+the way something is with respect to its main attributes
+the federal department in the United States that sets and maintains foreign policies
+the territory occupied by a nation
+a state of depression or agitation
+(chemistry) the three traditional states of matter are solids (fixed shape and volume) and liquids (fixed volume and shaped by the container) and gases (filling the container)
+express in words
+put before
+indicate through a symbol, formula, etc.