US: /ˈstɔɫ/
UK: /stˈɔːl/

English Vietnamese dictionary

stall /stɔ:l/
  • danh từ
    • chuồng (ngựa, trâu bò); ngăn chuồng
    • ngăn (hầm mỏ than)
    • quầy, bàn bày hàng
    • quán bán hàng
    • gian triển lãm
    • chỗ ngồi trước sân khấu
    • (tôn giáo) ghế ngồi ở chỗ hát kinh (trong nhà thờ)
    • chức vị giáo sĩ
    • (hàng không) tình trạng tròng trành (vì tốc độ giảm)
    • ngoại động từ
      • nhốt vào chuồng để vỗ béo (súc vật)
      • ngăn (chuồng) thành nhiều ngăn
      • nội động từ
        • bị nhốt trong ngăn chuồng
        • sa lầy (trong bùn, tuyết) (ngựa, xe bò)
        • ngừng chạy, chết (máy ô tô)
        • (hàng không) tròng trành (vì tốc độ giảm)
        • danh từ
          • cò mồi kẻ cắp (tên kẻ cắp chuyên làm lạc hướng mọi người để cho đồng bọn ăn cắp hay chạy trốn)
          • đòn phép đánh lừa, mẹo lảnh tránh
          • nội động từ
            • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) tránh, né, nói lảng (trong khi nói chuyện)
            • ngoại động từ
              • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) ngăn cản, ngăn trở; trì hoãn
              • ((thường) + off) dùng mẹo lảng tránh để trì hoãn, dùng mẹo lảng tránh để thoát khỏi...
                • he could no longer stall off his creditors: hắn không thể dùng mẹo lảng tránh để thoát khỏi những chủ nợ được nữa

            Advanced English dictionary

            noun, verb
            + noun
            1 [C] a table or small shop with an open front that people sell things from, especially at a market
            Synonym: STAND
            a market stall + They have a fish stall on the market. + Drinks were being sold from makeshift stalls at the side of the road.
            See also - BOOKSTALL
            2 [C] a section inside a farm building that is large enough for one animal to be kept in: a cattle / pig stall
            3 [C] (especially AmE) a small enclosed area of a room that contains a shower or toilet
            4 (the stalls) [pl.] (BrE) (AmE the orchestra [sing.]) the seats that are nearest to the stage in a theatre: the front row of the stalls
            5 [C, usually pl.] the seats at the front of a church where the CHOIR (= singers) and priests sit
            6 [C, usually sing.] a situation in which a vehicle's engine suddenly stops because it is not getting enough power
            7 [C, usually sing.] a situation in which an aircraft loses speed and goes steeply downwards: The plane went into a stall.
            + verb
            1 (of a vehicle or an engine) to stop suddenly because of a lack of power or speed; to make a vehicle or engine do this: [V] The car stalled and refused to start again. + I kept stalling. + [VN] I stalled the car three times during my driving test.
            2 [V] ~ (on / over sth) to try to avoid doing sth or answering a question so that you have more time: They are still stalling on the deal. + 'What do you mean?' she asked, stalling for time. + The opposition party was angered by the Prime Minister's stalling tactics.
            3 [VN] to make sb wait so that you have more time to do sth: See if you can stall her while I finish searching her office.
            4 to stop sth from happening until a later date; to stop making progress: [VN] attempts to revive the stalled peace plan + [V] Discussions have once again stalled.

            Thesaurus dictionary

            1 stop, halt, die, quit, shut down, fail, cease operating, come to a standstill, Colloq conk out:
            My car stalled in the middle of rush-hour traffic - isn't that typical?
            2 compartment, stand, booth, cubicle, alcove, section, space, area, slot, enclosure, quarters; counter, table:
            Several antiques dealers had hired stalls in the market.
            3 shed, pen, cote, fold, coop, sty, corral, enclosure, cowshed, barn, stable:
            The animals belong in their stalls at night.
            1 delay, dawdle, dilly-dally, dally, loiter, linger, temporize, equivocate, hesitate, prevaricate, play for time, waste time, stonewall, be obstructive, put (someone or something) off; vacillate, dither, hedge, procrastinate; Brit haver, Colloq beat about the bush, drag one's feet, give (someone) the run-around:
            He managed to stall for a while before handing over the money.
            2 stalling, delay, hedge, hedging, pretext, subterfuge, wile, trick, ruse, artifice, stratagem, manoeuvre, move, stonewalling, obstructionism, playing for time, procrastination, procrastinating, Colloq beating about the bush, run-around, foot-dragging:
            Her claim that she was dressing was nothing but a stall to give her time to hide the pistol.

            Collocation dictionary


            market | book, cake, fish, flower, etc.

            VERB + STALL

            He has a flower stall in Portobello Road market.
            | put up, set out/up | pack up | man, run
            Who's going to man the stall at lunchtime?

            STALL + VERB

            sell sth
            a stall selling second-hand books

            STALL + NOUN



            at a/the ~
            I bought this trout at the market fish stall.
            | behind the ~
            the man behind the stall


            Discussions were effectively stalled by the union's refusal to participate.


            stall for time
            He asked them all kinds of pointless questions, stalling for time.

            Concise English dictionary

            +a compartment in a stable where a single animal is confined and fed
            +small area set off by walls for special use
            +a booth where articles are displayed for sale
            +a malfunction in the flight of an aircraft in which there is a sudden loss of lift that results in a downward plunge
            +seating in the forward part of the main level of a theater
            +small individual study area in a library
            +a tactic used to mislead or delay
            +postpone doing what one should be doing
            +come to a stop
            +deliberately delay an event or action
            +put into, or keep in, a stall
            +experience a stall in flight, of airplanes
            +cause an airplane to go into a stall
            +cause an engine to stop