US: /ˈspaɪsi/
UK: /spˈa‍ɪsi/

English Vietnamese dictionary

spicy /'spaisi/
  • tính từ
    • có bỏ gia vị
    • hóm hỉnh, dí dỏm; tục
      • spicy story: chuyện tục; chuyện tiếu lâm
    • bảnh bao, hào nhoáng

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective (spicier, spiciest)
1 (of food) having a strong taste because spices have been used to flavour it: spicy chicken wings
2 (informal) (of a story, piece of news, etc.) exciting and slightly shocking: spicy stories about the sex lives of the stars
spiciness noun [U]: the spiciness of the food

Thesaurus dictionary

1 zesty, zestful, piquant, tangy, (well-)spiced, (well-)seasoned, hot, peppery, sharp, pungent, snappy, biting, full-bodied, aromatic, savoury, flavoursome, flavourful:
This curry is a little too spicy for my taste.
2 off colour, indelicate, suggestive, risqué, improper, indecent, indecorous, ribald, racy, bawdy, unseemly, offensive, titillating, sexy, Colloq hot:
This magazine often publishes spicy nude photos.
3 scandalous, sensational, outrageous, notorious, revealing, revelatory, intimate:
She likes to read about the spicy goings-on in Hollywood.

Collocation dictionary


be, smell, taste
The soup tasted mildly spicy.


really, very | lightly, mildly, quite, slightly | deliciously
a deliciously spicy flavour