US: /ˈspɛsəˌfaɪ/
UK: /spˈɛsɪfˌa‍ɪ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

specify /'spesifai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • chỉ rõ, ghi rõ, định rõ, ghi chú vào phần chi tiết kỹ thuật
      • it is specified in the agreement: điều ấy đã được ghi rõ trong hiệp định

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
(specifies, specifying, specified, specified) to state sth, especially by giving an exact measurement, time, exact instructions, etc: [VN] Remember to specify your size when ordering clothes. + Forms must be returned by the specified date. + [V wh-] The contract clearly specifies who can operate the machinery. + [V that] The regulations specify that calculators may not be used in the examination.

Thesaurus dictionary

particularize, enumerate, itemize, name, denominate, list, indicate, mention, identify, cite, define, detail, stipulate, spell out, set out or forth, individualize, be specific about, delineate, determine, disambiguate, establish:
You must specify the source of each quotation.

Collocation dictionary


clearly | fully | carefully | exactly, precisely
She did not specify precisely how many people were involved in the incident.
| explicitly | correctly
Are all the details correctly specified?
| uniquely
Each computer is uniquely specified by its serial number.
| otherwise
Unless otherwise specified, all fields have a maximum length of 20 characters.


allow sb to | require sb to | be used to | be possible to
It should be possible to specify the range of values of x which would satisfy this equation.
| be difficult to

Concise English dictionary

+specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement
+determine the essential quality of
+decide upon or fix definitely
+be specific about
+define clearly
+design or destine
+select something or someone for a specific purpose