US: /ˈsəmˈwət/, /ˈsəmhˈwət/
UK: /sˈʌmwɒt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

somewhat /'sʌmwɔt/
  • phó từ
    • hơi, gọi là, một chút
      • it's somewhat difficult: hơi khó
      • to answer somewhat hastily: trả lời khí vội vàng một chút

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb
to some degree; rather: I was somewhat surprised to see him. + The situation has changed somewhat since we last met. + What happened to them remains somewhat of a mystery.

Thesaurus dictionary

rather, quite, relatively, more or less, moderately, pretty, fairly, to some or a certain extent or degree or measure, slightly, a bit, a little, Colloq sort of, kind of:
Ingrid was somewhat put out by my refusal.

Concise English dictionary

+to a small degree or extent
+to a moderately sufficient extent or degree