US: /ˈsɫaɪtɫi/
UK: /slˈa‍ɪtli/

English Vietnamese dictionary

slightly /'slaitiɳli/
  • phó từ
    • mỏng mảnh, yếu ớt
      • a slightly built boy: đứa bé thể chất yếu ớt
    • qua, sơ, hơi
      • the patient is slightly better today: hôm nay người bệnh đã hơi khá hơn

Advanced English dictionary

+ adverb
1 a little: a slightly different version + We took a slightly more direct route. + I knew her slightly. + 'Are you worried?' 'Only slightly.'
2 a slightly built person is small and thin

Thesaurus dictionary

a little, somewhat, to a certain or slight or minor extent or degree or measure, marginally:
Yes, I do feel slightly better, thank you.

Concise English dictionary

+to a small degree or extent
+in a slim or slender manner