US: /ˌsaɪməɫˈteɪniəs/
UK: /sˌɪməltˈe‍ɪni‍əs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

simultaneous /,siməl'teinjəs/
  • tính từ
    • đồng thời, cùng một lúc
      • simultaneous translation: sự dịch đuổi

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
happening or done at the same time as sth else: There were several simultaneous attacks by the rebels. + Any ceasefire would be simultaneous with the withdrawal of US forces. + simultaneous translation / interpreting
simultaneity noun [U]
simultaneously adverb: The game will be broadcast simultaneously on TV and radio.

Thesaurus dictionary

coincident, coinciding, concurrent, contemporaneous, synchronous; contemporary:
The simultaneous appearance of two books on such an obscure subject was very unusual.

Concise English dictionary

‚saɪməl'teɪnɪəs /‚sɪm-
+occurring or operating at the same time