US: /ˈʃaɪ/
UK: /ʃˈa‍ɪ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

shy /ʃai/
  • tính từ
    • nhút nhát, bẽn lẽn, e thẹn
      • to be shy of doing something: dè dặt không muốn làm việc gì
    • khó tìm, khó thấy, khó nắm
    • (từ lóng) thiếu; mất
      • I'm shy 3d: tôi thiếu ba đồng; tôi mất ba đồng
  • danh từ
    • sự nhảy sang một bên, sự tránh, sự né
    • (thông tục) sự ném, sự liệng
    • to have a shy at thtục
      • cố bắn trúng (mục tiêu); cố lấy cho được (cái gì)
    • thử chế nhạo (ai)
    • động từ
      • nhảy sang một bên, né, tránh
      • (thông tục) ném, liệng

    Advanced English dictionary

    adjective, verb
    + adjective (shyer, shyest)
    1 (of people) nervous or embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other people: a quiet, shy man + Don't be shy-come and say hello. + She was too shy to ask anyone for help. + As a teenager I was painfully shy. + She's very shy with adults.
    2 showing that sb is nervous or embarrassed about meeting and speaking to other people: a shy smile / glance
    3 (of animals) easily frightened and not willing to come near people: The panda is a shy creature.
    4 [not before noun] ~ of / about (doing) sth afraid of doing sth or being involved in sth: The band has never been shy of publicity. + He disliked her and had never been shy of saying so.
    5 [not before noun] ~ (of sth) (informal, especially AmE) lacking the amount that is needed: He died before Christmas, only a month shy of his 90th birthday. + We are still two players shy (of a full team). + Jaguar sold 21 000 cars in the US last year, well shy of the 82 000 sold by Mercedes.
    6 (-shy) (in compounds) avoiding or not liking the thing mentioned: camera-shy (= not liking to be photographed) + He's always been work-shy.
    shyly adverb: She smiled shyly.
    shyness noun [U]: He tried to overcome his shyness.
    Idioms see FIGHT v., ONCE adv.
    + verb (shies, shying, shied, shied ) [V] ~ (at sth) (especially of a horse) to turn away suddenly because of fear or surprise: My horse shied at the unfamiliar noise.
    See also - COCONUT SHY
    Phrasal Verbs: shy away (from sth) to avoid doing sth because you are nervous or frightened: Hugh never shied away from his responsibilities. + The newspapers have shied away from investigating the story.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 diffident, coy, bashful, retiring, withdrawn, withdrawing, reserved, timid, meek, modest, sheepish, unconfident, self-conscious, introverted, nervous, apprehensive, timorous, Rare verecund:
    Casey is quite shy and you have to draw him out gently.
    2 timorous, cautious, wary, chary, leery, guarded, afraid, fearful, frightened, anxious, worried, suspicious, distrustful, cowardly, craven, uncourageous:
    The local people are shy of anyone or anything unfamiliar.
    3 missing, lacking, deficient in, short of:
    The shipment is shy a few dozen shoelaces we ordered.
    4 fight shy of. avoid, be unwilling or reluctant or averse or loath or loth or disinclined or not disposed; be wary or cautious or watchful:
    The children fight shy of talking to strangers.

    Collocation dictionary


    be, feel, look, seem, sound
    Please don't be shy?I won't eat you!
    | become, get, go, grow


    desperately, excessively, extremely, painfully, terribly, very
    As a teenager I was painfully shy.
    | all
    She went all shy and hid behind her mother.
    | almost | a bit, fairly, a little, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat | naturally
    He is a naturally shy, retiring man.
    | chronically


    I was a bit shy of them at first.
    | with
    You don't have to be shy with me, you know.

    Concise English dictionary

    +a quick throw
    +start suddenly, as from fight
    +throw quickly
    +lacking self-confidence
    +easily startled or frightened
    +wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things