US: /ˈʃɔɹt/
UK: /ʃˈɔːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

short /ʃɔ:t/
  • tính từ
    • ngắn, cụt
      • a short story: truyện ngắn
      • a short way off: không xa
      • to have a short memory: có trí nhớ kém
    • lùn, thấp (người)
    • thiển cận, chỉ thấy việc trước mắt
      • to take short views: thiển cận, không nhìn xa trông rộng
    • thiếu, không có, hụt, không tới
      • short of tea: thiếu chè
      • to be short of hands: thiếu nhân công
      • this book is short of satisfactory: quyển sách này còn nhiều thiếu sót
    • gọn, ngắn, tắt
      • in short: nói tóm lại
      • he is called Bob for short: người ta gọi tắt nó là Bóp
    • vô lễ, xấc, cộc lốc
      • to be short with somebody: vô lễ với ai
    • giòn (bánh)
    • bán non, bán trước khi có hàng để giao
    • (ngôn ngữ học) ngắn (nguyên âm, âm tiết)
    • an escape short of marvellous
      • một sự trốn thoát thật là kỳ lạ
    • to make short work of x work something short
      • một cốc rượu mạnh
  • phó từ
    • bất thình lình, bất chợt
      • to bring (pull) up short: ngừng lại bất thình lình
      • to stop short: chấm dứt bất thình lình, không tiếp tục đến cùng; chặn đứng
      • to take somebody up short; to cut somebody short: ngắt lời ai
    • trước thời hạn thông thường, trước thời hạn chờ đợi
      • to sell short: bán non, bán trước khi có hàng để giao
      • short of: trừ, trừ phi
  • danh từ
    • (ngôn ngữ học) nguyên âm ngắn; âm tiết ngắn
    • phim ngắn
    • (điện học), (thông tục) mạch ngắn, mạch chập
    • cú bắn không tới đích
    • (thông tục) cốc rượu mạnh
    • (số nhiều) quần soóc
    • (số nhiều) những mảnh thừa, những mảnh vụn (cắt ra khi sản xuất cái gì)
    • sự bán non, sự bán trước khi có hàng để giao
    • the long and the short of it
      • (xem) long
  • ngoại động từ
    • (thông tục) làm ngắn mạch, làm chập mạch ((cũng) short-circuit)

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, adverb, noun, verb
+ adjective (shorter, shortest)
length / distance
1 measuring or covering a small length or distance, or a smaller length or distance than usual: He had short curly hair. + a short walk / drive / flight + a short skirt
Antonym: LONG
2 (of a person) small in height: She was short and dumpy.
Antonym: TALL
3 lasting or taking a small amount of time or less time than usual: I'm going to France for a short break. + Which is the shortest day of the year? + a short book / list (= taking a short time to read / deal with) + She has a very short memory (= remembers only things that have happened recently) + (spoken) Life's too short to sit around moping. + It was all over in a relatively short space of time.
Antonym: LONG
4 [only before noun] (of a period of time) seeming to have passed very quickly: Just two short years ago he was the best player in the country.
Antonym: LONG
not enough
5 [not before noun] ~ (of sth) not having enough of sth; lacking sth: I'm afraid I'm a little short (= of money) this month. + She is not short of excuses when things go wrong.
6 ~ on sth (informal) lacking or not having enough of a particular quality: He was a big strapping guy but short on brains.
7 [not before noun] not easily available; not supplying as much as you need: Money was short at that time.
8 [not before noun] ~ (of sth) less than the number, amount or distance mentioned or needed: Her last throw was only three centimetres short of the world record. + The team was five players short. + She was just short of her 90th birthday when she died.
of breath
9 ~ of breath having difficulty breathing, for example because of illness: a fat man, always short of breath
name / word
10 ~ for sth being a shorter form of a name or word: Call me Jo-it's short for Joanna. + file transfer protocol or FTP for short
11 [not before noun] ~ (with sb) (of a person) speaking to sb using few words in a way that seems rude: I'm sorry I was short with you earlier-I had other things on my mind.
12 (phonetics) a short vowel is pronounced for a shorter time than other vowels: Compare the short vowel in 'full' and the long vowel in 'fool'.
Antonym: LONG
See also - SHORTLY
shortness noun [U]: She suffered from shortness of breath.
Idioms: a brick short of a load, two sandwiches short of a picnic, etc. (informal) (of a person) stupid; not very intelligent
get the short end of the stick (AmE) = draw the short straw at DRAW v.
give sb/sth / get short shrift to give sb/get little attention or sympathy
have / be on a short fuse to have a tendency to get angry quickly and easily: You may find your temper on a short fuse when confronting your teenager.
in short order quickly and without trouble
in the short run concerning the immediate future: In the short run, unemployment may fall.
in short supply not existing in large enough quantities to satisfy demand: Basic foodstuffs were in short supply. + Sunshine will be in short supply for the west coast.
little / nothing short of sth used when you are saying that sth is almost true, or is equal to sth: Last year's figures were little short of disastrous. + The transformation has been nothing short of a miracle.
make short work of sth/sb to defeat, deal with sth/sb quickly: Liverpool made short work of the opposition (= in a football game). + He made short work of his lunch (= ate it quickly).
short and sweet (informal) pleasant but not lasting a long time: We haven't much time so I'll keep it short and sweet.
more at DRAW v., LONG adj., MEASURE n., NOTICE n., TERM n., THICK adj.
+ adverb (shorter, shortest)
1 if you go short of or run short of sth, you do not have enough of it: I'd never let you go short of anything. + Mothers regularly go short of food to ensure their children have enough. + They had run short of (= used most of their supply of) fuel.
2 not as far as you need or expect: All too often you pitch the ball short.
3 before the time expected or arranged; before the natural time: a career tragically cut short by illness + I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop you short there, as time is running out.
Idioms: be caught short (BrE also be taken short)
1 (BrE, informal) to suddenly feel an urgent need to go to the toilet
2 to be put at a disadvantage
fall short of sth to fail to reach the standard that you expected or need: The hotel fell far short of their expectations.
short of (doing) sth without sth; without doing sth; unless sth happens: Short of a miracle, we're certain to lose. + Short of asking her to leave (= and we don't want to do that) there's not a lot we can do about the situation.
pull, bring, etc. sb up short to make sb suddenly stop what they are doing: I was brought up short by a terrible thought.
more at SELL v., STOP v.
+ noun (informal)-see also SHORTS
1 (BrE) a small strong alcoholic drink, for example of whisky
2 a short film/movie, especially one that is shown before the main film
Idioms: in short in a few words: His novels belong to a great but vanished age. They are, in short, old-fashioned.
more at LONG adj.
+ verb
~ (sth) (out) (informal) = SHORT-CIRCUIT [V] Lightning crackled overhead as cables shorted out. [also VN](also informal short)
+ noun
a failure in an electrical CIRCUIT, when electricity travels along the wrong route because of damaged wires or a fault in the connections between the wires: The fire was caused by a short circuit.(also informal short) + verb
1 to have a short circuit; to make sth have a short circuit: [V] The wires had short-circuited and burnt out. [also VN]
2 [VN] to succeed in doing sth more quickly than usual, without going through all the normal processes, which would take longer: The process of becoming a politician can be short-circuited if you are already a well-known public figure.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 small, little, slight, petite, diminutive, wee, tiny, elfin, minuscule; midget, dwarfish, squat, dumpy, runty, stubby, stunted, Colloq pint-sized, knee-high to a grasshopper, sawn-off:
Did you know that Queen Victoria was quite short?
2 shortened, brief, concise, compressed, compendious, compact, pocket, US vest-pocket; abbreviated, abridged, cut:
A short version of the book was published in paperback.
3 laconic, terse, succinct, pithy, sententious, epigrammatic:
He made a few short remarks that were very much to the point.
4 abrupt, curt, terse, sharp, blunt, bluff, brusque, sharp, offhand, gruff, testy, snappish, discourteous, uncivil, impolite:
It is unnecessary to be so short with the staff.
5 direct, straight, straightforward, short and sweet:
In reply to your request for permission to leave early, the short answer is 'No'
6 Usually, short of. deficient (in), lacking (in), needful (of), wanting, inadequate, shy (of), low (on):
The hotel is short of clean linen because the laundry failed to deliver
7 brief, limited; transitory, temporary, short-lived, momentary, quick, transient:
HQ had a short life but a happy one. I'll just make a short stop in here and will join you in a moment
8 impecunious, straitened, pinched, underfunded, poor, penniless, deficient:
I'm a bit short today and wonder if you could lend me some money?
9 in short supply. rare, scarce, scanty, unplentiful, meagre, sparse, Colloq chiefly Brit thin on the ground:
Good editors are in short supply these days.
10 short of. before, failing, excluding, exclusive of, barring, eliminating, precluding, excepting, except for, leaving out, apart from, setting aside:
Short of killing him, I am not sure what she could have done in the circumstances.
11 abruptly, suddenly, peremptorily, without warning, instantly, unexpectedly, hurriedly, hastily, out of the blue:
She stopped short in the middle of the road and made me get out.
12 cut short.
(a) trim, curtail, shorten, abbreviate, cut:
I must cut my visit short because I have a train to catch.
(b) stop, cut off, terminate, cut in on, break in on, interrupt; butt in:
I am sorry to cut you short, but it is getting on for midnight.
13 fall or come short. fail, be or prove inadequate or insufficient:
These grades fall short of our expectations, Bobby.
14 in short. briefly, in a word, all in all, to make a long story short, in a nutshell:
He told me, in short, that there was no job and there never had been one
15 shorts. Bermuda shorts, knee-breeches, knee-pants, hot pants:
I usually wear shorts to play tennis.

Collocation dictionary

1 not measuring much from one end to the other


be, look, seem


extremely, really, very | comparatively, fairly, quite, rather, relatively
a relatively short distance of 50 to 100 miles

2 not lasting a long time


be, feel, seem | become, get
The working week is getting shorter and shorter.
| make sth | keep sth
Do you mind if we keep the meeting short?


extremely, very | comparatively, fairly, quite, relatively
It was all over in a relatively short space of time.

3 not having enough of what is needed


be, look
Our team was one player short.
| become, get
We're getting short of funds.


extremely, really, terribly, very, woefully
If space is really short, that door can be moved. United looked woefully short of menace in attack.
| a bit, quite, rather


Mike was a bit short of cash just then.

4 rude




a bit, rather


Sorry I was a bit short with you earlier.

Concise English dictionary

shorts|shorter|shortest|shorted|shortingʃɔrt /ʃɔːt
+the location on a baseball field where the shortstop is stationed
+accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference
+the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed between second and third base
+cheat someone by not returning him enough money
+create a short circuit in
+primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration
+(primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length
+low in stature; not tall
+not sufficient to meet a need
+(of memory) deficient in retentiveness or range
+not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices
+of speech sounds or syllables of relatively short duration
+less than the correct or legal or full amount often deliberately so
+lacking foresight or scope
+tending to crumble or break into flakes due to a large amount of shortening
+marked by rude or peremptory shortness
+quickly and without warning
+without possessing something at the time it is contractually sold
+clean across
+at some point or distance before a goal is reached
+so as to interrupt
+at a disadvantage
+in a curt, abrupt and discourteous manner