US: /ˈʃɑpɪŋ/
UK: /ʃˈɒpɪŋ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

shopping /'ʃɔpiɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự đi mua hàng
      • to do one's shopping: đi mua hàng

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun [U]
1 the activity of going to shops/stores and buying things: (BrE) When shall I do the shopping? + (BrE) We do our shopping on Saturdays. + a shopping bag / basket + a shopping trolley + (AmE) a shopping cart
2 (especially BrE) the things that you have bought from shops/stores: to put the shopping in the car

Thesaurus dictionary

1 store, boutique, department store:
Would you stop at the shop and buy some lettuce?
2 workshop, machine shop:
Henry gained experience in operating a lathe at my father's shop.
3 betray, inform on or against, Slang peach on, rat on, snitch on, blow the whistle on:
The police persuaded Luke to shop his accomplices in exchange for a lighter sentence
4 shop for. buy, purchase, seek, look for, research:
I've been shopping for a new dishwasher.

Collocation dictionary

1 food, etc. bought in shops


be laden with | carry | put away, unpack
They unpacked the shopping and put it away.

2 activity of shopping


weekend, weekly, week's
I do my weekly shopping on a Saturday.
| Christmas | supermarket | home, Internet
the move towards home shopping using your computer
| late-night | duty-free | window | one-stop
the consumers' demand for one-stop shopping (= buying all they need in one place)


do, go (out)
She's doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I have to go shopping in town this afternoon.


bag, basket, trolley | list | arcade, area, centre, complex, facilities, mall, precinct, street
the town's main shopping street
| expedition, spree, trip
She won £10,000 and immediately went on a shopping spree.
| hours
outside normal shopping hours

Concise English dictionary

'ʃɑpɪŋ /'ʃɒ-
+searching for or buying goods or services
shopped|shopping|shopsʃɑp /ʃɒp
+a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services
+small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
+a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity)
+do one's shopping
+do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of
+shop around; not necessarily buying
+give away information about somebody