US: /ˈʃeɪd/
UK: /ʃˈe‍ɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

shade /ʃeid/
  • danh từ
    • bóng, bóng tối ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
      • to be thrown into the shade: bị làm lu mờ đi
    • ((thường) số nhiều) chỗ có bóng râm; chỗ bóng mát; (số nhiều) bóng đêm
      • in the shade of tree: dưới bóng cây
    • bóng (chỗ đậm màu trong bức tranh)
    • sự chuyển dần màu; bức tranh tô màu chuyển dần (màu này chuyển sang màu khác một cách từ từ, không đột ngột)
    • sự hơi khác nhau; sắc thái (đen & bóng)
      • different shade s of blue: những sắc thái khác nhau của màu xanh
      • different shade s of opinion: những ý kiến sắc thái khác nhau
    • một chút, một ít
      • I am a shade better today: hôm nay tôi đã đỡ hơn một ít
    • vật vô hình
    • vong hồn, vong linh
    • tán đèn, chụp đèn; cái lưỡi trai (che nắng cho mắt); ((từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ)) mành mành cửa sổ
    • (số nhiều) hầm rượu
    • to go down to the shades
      • chết xuống âm phủ
  • ngoại động từ
    • che bóng mát cho, che
      • trees shadethe street: cây che bóng mát cho phố
      • to shade one's eyes with one's hand: lấy tay che mắt
      • to shade a light: che ánh sáng
    • (nghĩa bóng) làm tối sầm, làm sa sầm
      • face shade d by a sullen look: mặt sa sầm xuống
    • đánh bóng (bức tranh)
    • tô đậm dần, tô nhạt dần (màu sắc trong một bức tranh, để tránh sự chuyển đột ngột từ màu này sang màu khác)
    • điều chỉnh độ cao (kèn, sáo...)
    • nội động từ
      • ((thường) + off) đậm dần lên, nhạt dần đi, chuyền dần sang màu khác; thay đổi sắc thái (màu sắc, chính kiến...)
        • the purple of the clouds shade s off into the vivid red of the horizon: màu tía của những đám mây chuyển dần sang màu đỏ chói của chân trời

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    out of sun
    1 [U] ~ (of sth) an area that is dark and cool under or behind sth, for example a tree or building, because the sun's light does not get to it: We sat down in the shade of the wall. + The temperature can reach 40?C in the shade. + The trees provide shade for the animals in the summer. + These plants grow well in sun or shade.
    See also - SHADY
    on lamp
    2 [C] a thing that you use to prevent light from coming through or to make it less bright: I bought a new shade for the lamp. + an eyeshade
    on window
    3 [C] (also window shade) (both AmE) = BLIND
    of colour
    4 [C] ~ (of sth) a particular form of a colour, that is, how dark or light it is: a delicate / pale / rich / soft shade of red + Cool pastel shades are just right for summer.
    in picture
    5 [U] the dark areas in a picture, especially the use of these to produce variety: The painting needs more light and shade.
    of opinion / feeling
    6 [C, usually pl.] ~ of sth a different kind or level of opinion, feeling, etc: politicians of all shades of opinion + The word can have many shades of meaning.
    7 (a shade) [sing.] (written) a little; slightly: He was feeling a shade disappointed. + Her skirt was a shade too short.
    for eyes
    8 (shades) [pl.] (informal) = SUNGLASSES
    sth that reminds you
    9 (shades) [pl.] ~ of sb/sth (informal) used when you are referring to things that remind you of a particular person, thing or time: short skirts and long boots-shades of the 1960s
    10 [C] (literary) the spirit of a dead person; a ghost
    Idioms: put sb/sth in the shade to be much better or more impressive than sb/sth: I tried hard but her work put mine in the shade.
    + verb [VN]
    from direct light
    1 ~ sb/sth (from / against sth) to prevent direct light from reaching sth: The courtyard was shaded by high trees. + She shaded her eyes against the sun.
    2 [usually passive] to provide a screen for a lamp, light, etc. to make it less bright: a shaded lamp
    part of picture
    3 ~ sth (in) to make a part of a drawing, etc. darker, for example with an area of colour or with pencil lines: What do the shaded areas on the map represent? + I'm going to shade this part in.
    just win
    4 (BrE, informal) to just win a contest
    Phrasal Verbs: shade into sth to change gradually into sth else, so that you cannot tell where one thing ends and the other thing begins: The scarlet of the wings shades into pink at the tips. + Distrust of foreigners can shade into racism.

    shade / shadow
    Shade [U] is an area or a part of a place that is protected from the heat of the sun and so is darker and cooler: Let's sit in the shade for a while.
    A shadow [C] is the dark shape made when a light shines on a person or an object: As the sun went down we cast long shadows on the lawn.
    Shadow [U] is an area of darkness in which it is difficult to distinguish things easily: Her face was in deep shadow.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 shadow, shadiness, dimness, duskiness, semi-darkness, gloominess, murkiness, dusk, gloom, murk, darkness, obscurity, Literary shades:
    We rested in the shade of an old oak to get out of the hot sun.
    2 tint, tinge, tone, colour, hue, intensity:
    The curtains should be of a lighter shade to match the wallpaper.
    3 hint, intimation, tinge, suggestion, modicum, sprinkling, soupçon, trace, suspicion, undertone, overtone, touch, speck, dash, nuance, atom, grain, scintilla, iota, jot or tittle:
    Did I detect a shade of sarcasm in your voice, Aloysius?
    4 ghost, spectre, apparition, phantom, phantasm, spirit, wraith, vision, banshee, Colloq spook:
    As night came on, horrifying shades took shape amongst the leafless trees.
    5 blind, window-blind, curtain, venetian blind; lampshade; screen, cover, covering, protection, veil, awning, canopy, shield, shelter, umbrella, parasol:
    We need shades to reduce the glare of the light. We had only a light tent as a shade against the broiling sun
    6 fraction, hair's breadth, bit, hair, Colloq smidgen or smidgin:
    Try moving the picture a shade to the left.
    7 variation, variety, nuance, degree:
    Do you really think his approval would make a shade of difference to me?
    8 put (someone) in or into the shade. overshadow, exceed, surpass, outstrip, outclass, eclipse, outshine, best, better, beat, put to shame, outplay, outperform, outdo, Colloq run rings or circles around, show up:
    Your record time in the 1000-metre put other contenders in the shade
    9 shades. sun-glasses:
    Take off those shades so I can see what you are thinking.
    10 screen, protect, shield, shelter, cover:
    You should shade your eyes from the direct sunlight.
    11 darken, opaque, black out, blacken:
    She shaded in parts of the diagram to give a better effect.
    12 dim, shadow, veil, blot out, cloud, conceal, hide, obscure, shroud, screen, mask, camouflage, disguise:
    The house is shaded from view by trees on the south side.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 area out of the sunlight


    cool | deep | welcome | dappled | leafy
    in the leafy shade of a fig tree


    searching for a patch of shade to rest in


    give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)


    in (the) ~
    a plant that grows well in shade sitting in the shade
    | into the ~
    Let's move into the shade.
    | under the ~ of
    sitting under the shade of an umbrella
    | ~ for
    giving shade for cattle
    | ~ from
    The huge trees offered shade from the sun.


    light and shade

    2 type of colour


    delicate, light, muted, pale, pastel, soft, subtle, translucent
    The rooms were decorated in delicate pastel shades.
    | dark, deep, rich, strong
    His face turned an even deeper shade of red.
    | bright, vivid | attractive, beautiful | startling, stunning
    painted in startling shades of pink and orange
    | autumnal, natural, neutral, warm
    Towels in warm shades can soften the room.


    be available in, come in
    This wool is available in 18 stunning shades.


    in a ~
    The sea glistened in shades of blue and emerald.
    | ~ for
    our new range of shades for lips and eyes
    | ~ of
    He threw out his old suits, all in shades of grey and brown.

    3 small difference


    reformers of all political shades


    ~ of
    a word with various shades of meaning


    shades of opinion


    completely | lightly, partially
    This plant prefers a lightly shaded position.


    She shaded her eyes against the fierce sun.
    | from
    We were completely shaded from the sun by the poplar trees.
    | with
    a small town square shaded with trees

    Concise English dictionary

    +relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body
    +a quality of a given color that differs slightly from a primary color
    +protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight
    +a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude
    +a position of relative inferiority
    +a slight amount or degree of difference
    +a mental representation of some haunting experience
    +a representation of the effect of shadows in a picture or drawing (as by shading or darker pigment)
    +cast a shadow over
    +represent the effect of shade or shadow on
    +protect from light, heat, or view