US: /ˈsɛtəɫ/
UK: /sˈɛtə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

settle /'setl/
  • danh từ
    • ghế tủ (ghế dài có lưng dựa và phần dưới đóng thành tủ)
    • động từ
      • giải quyết, ổn định tư tưởng, dàn xếp, hoà giải
        • to settle a dispute: dàn xếp một mối bất hoà
        • to settle a doubts: giải quyết những mối nghi ngờ
        • to settle one's affairs: giải quyết công việc (thường là làm chúc thư)
      • ngồi đậu
        • to settle oneself in an armchair: ngồi vào ghế bành
        • bird settles on trees: chim đậu trên cành cây
        • to settle down to dinner: ngồi vào bàn ăn
        • to settle down to reading: sửa soạn đọc sách
      • để, bố trí
        • to settle a unit in a village: bố trí đơn vị ở một làng
        • to plant's root well down in ground: để rễ cây ăn sâu xuống đất
      • làm ăn, sinh sống; ổn định cuộc sống, an cư lạc nghiệp, định cư
        • to marry and settle down: lấy vợ và ổn định cuộc sống
        • to settle down to a married life: yên tâm làm ăn với cuộc sống gia đình
      • lắng xuống, đi vào nền nếp
        • things will soon settle into shape: mọi việc sẽ đâu vào đấy
      • chiếm làm thuộc địa
      • để lắng, làm lắng xuống, làm chìm xuống; lắng xuống, lún xuống, chìm xuống
        • the rain will settle the dust: mưa sẽ làm cho bụi lắng xuống
        • ship settles: tàu bắt đầu chìm
      • kết thúc (công việc), thanh toán, trả dứt nợ
        • I shall settle up with you next month: tháng sau tôi sẽ trả hết nợ cho anh
      • nguội dần, dịu dần
        • anger settles down: cơn giận nguôi dần
      • để lại cho, chuyển cho
        • to settle one's property on somebody: để của cải cho ai
      • (y học) định vị, khu trú (vào một bộ phận trong cơ thể) (bệnh)
      • to settle someone's hash (business)
        • trị cho ai một trận, sửa cho ai một trận; thịt ai
      • cannot settle to work
        • cannot settle to anything
          • không thể yên tâm kiên trì làm một việc gì
        • that settles the matter (question)
          • thôi thế là xong (không cần phải nói thêm nữa)

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb
    end argument
    1 to put an end to an argument or a disagreement: [VN] to settle a dispute / an argument / a matter + It's time you settled your differences with your father. + I want this thing settled. + [V] There is pressure on the unions to settle. + The company has agreed to settle out of court (= come to an agreement without going to court).
    decide / arrange
    2 to decide or arrange sth finally: [VN] [often passive] It's all settled-we're leaving on the nine o'clock plane. + Good, that's settled, then. + (spoken) Bob will be there? That settles it. I'm not coming. + He had to settle his affairs (= arrange all his personal business) in Paris before he could return home. [also VN that]
    choose permanent home
    3 [V +adv./prep.] to make a place your permanent home: She settled in Vienna after her father's death.
    4 (of a group of people) to make your permanent home in a country or an area as COLONISTS: [VN] [usually passive] This region was settled by the Dutch in the nineteenth century. [also V]
    into comfortable position / state
    5 ~ (back) to make yourself or sb else comfortable in a new position: [V] Ellie settled back in her seat. + [VN] He settled himself comfortably in his usual chair. + I settled her on the sofa and put a blanket over her.
    6 [VN +adv./prep.] to put sth carefully in a position so that it does not move: She settled the blanket around her knees.
    7 to become or make sb/sth become calm or relaxed: [V] The baby wouldn't settle. + [VN] I took a pill to help settle my nerves. + This should settle your stomach.
    come to rest
    8 [V] ~ (on / over sth) to fall from above and come to rest on sth; to stay for some time on sth: Dust had settled on everything. + Two birds settled on the fence. + I don't think the snow will settle (= remain on the ground without melting). + His gaze settled on her face.
    sink down
    9 to sink slowly down; to make sth do this: [V] The contents of the package may have settled in transit. [also VN]
    pay money
    10 ~ sth
    ~ (up) (with sb) to pay the money that you owe: [VN] Please settle your bill before leaving the hotel. + The insurance company is refusing to settle her claim. + [V] Let me settle with you for the meal. + I'll pay now-we can settle up later.
    Idioms: settle a score / an account (with sb)
    settle an old score to hurt or punish sb who has harmed or cheated you in the past: 'Who would do such a thing?' 'Maybe someone with an old score to settle.'
    more at DUST n.
    Phrasal Verbs: settle down
    1 to get into a comfortable position, either sitting or lying: She settled down in an armchair to watch television. + I settled down with a book.
    2 to start to have a quieter way of life, living in one place: When are you going to get married and settle down? + It's time I settled down.
    settle down
    settle sb<->down to become or make sb become calm, less excited, etc: It always takes the class a while to settle down at the start of the lesson. + Now, come on, settle down! + I'm sure things will settle down soon. + The early goal settled the home side down.
    settle (down) to sth to begin to give your attention to sth: They finally settled down to a discussion of the main issues. + He found it hard to settle to his work.
    settle for sth to accept sth that is not completely satisfactory but is the best that is available: In the end they had to settle for a draw. + I couldn't afford the house I really wanted, so I had to settle for second best. + He didn't see why he should settle for less.
    settle in
    settle into sth to move into a new home, job, etc. and start to feel comfortable there: How are the kids settling into their new school? + It's not always easy for a new player to settle in.
    settle on sth to choose or make a decision about sth after thinking about it: Have you settled on a name for the baby yet?
    settle sth on sb (law) to formally arrange to give money or property to sb, especially in a WILL: He settled part of his estate on his son.
    + noun
    an old-fashioned piece of furniture with a long wooden seat and a high back and arms, often also with a box for storing things under the seat

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 arrange, order, dispose, organize, straighten out, put in or into order, compose, sort out, classify, coordinate, resolve, set to rights, reconcile:
    Ben settled his affairs before undergoing surgery.
    2 Often, settle on or upon. fix (on), decide (on), establish, appoint, set, confirm, affirm, conclude, make sure or certain (of), determine, agree (upon or on), pick, choose, select:
    Have you been able to settle on a suitable time to visit Max and Maddy?
    3 decide, reconcile, resolve, put an end to, conclude, clear up, patch up, adjust, negotiate, mediate:
    We have settled our differences.
    4 Often, settle down. take up residence, go or come or move to, dwell, reside, make one's home, abide, remain, stay, live, set up home or house, put down roots, locate, inhabit, US set up housekeeping, locate:
    They have decided to settle in Australia after George retires.
    5 Sometimes, settle down. light, alight, land, come down, put down, set down, (come to) rest or (roost), descend, perch:
    The butterfly settled on the tip of Alice's nose.
    6 populate, people, colonize, pioneer:
    That part of the country wasn't settled till late in the 19th century
    7 Usually, settle down. calm down, subside, quiet down, be or become tranquil, Chiefly Brit quieten (down):
    The class settled down and we began the lesson. I must settle down and get back to work
    8 calm, quiet, soothe, tranquillize, relax, Chiefly Brit quieten:
    He drank some camomile tea to settle his nerves.
    9 subside, sink, decline, fall:
    A great crack appeared in the wall when the house settled a bit.
    10 Often, settle up. pay, square, dispose of, clear, balance, liquidate, discharge:
    If you settle the bill, we can leave.
    11 Often, settle out. gravitate, sink, fall, precipitate (out):
    Stop shaking the container and let the sand settle to the bottom.
    12 clarify, clear:
    After about an hour, the particles will start to settle.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 end an argument


    amicably, peacefully
    Hopes of settling the conflict peacefully are fading.
    | satisfactorily
    The matter has not yet been satisfactorily settled.
    | eventually, finally | informally, out of court
    The company has agreed to settle out of court (= come to an agreement without going to court).


    attempt to, try to | agree to


    After six months, the company finally settled with the unions.


    an attempt to settle sth

    2 choose a permanent home


    He has now settled permanently in London.
    | eventually, finally | happily | down


    decide to, intend to


    be densely settled
    a fertile area that was densely settled in early times
    | be ready to settle down
    She felt she wasn't yet ready to settle down.

    3 make sb/yourself comfortable


    comfortably, happily, peacefully, snugly
    He settled himself more comfortably in his chair.
    | quickly, soon | back, down
    He settled back in his chair to watch television. She settled down for a quiet doze on the sofa.


    be unable to, can't/couldn't
    Unable to settle, she trailed around the house all day.
    | allow sb to, let sb
    She kept fussing around, refusing to let him settle.
    | help (to), help sb (to)
    I took a pill to help settle my nerves.
    PHRASAL VERBS settle in/settle into sth


    happily, nicely
    The kids settled happily into their new school.
    | quickly, soon

    Concise English dictionary

    +a long wooden bench with a back
    +settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground
    +bring to an end; settle conclusively
    +settle conclusively; come to terms
    +take up residence and become established
    +come to terms
    +go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned"
    +become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style
    +become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
    +establish or develop as a residence
    +come to rest
    +become clear by the sinking of particles
    +arrange or fix in the desired order
    +accept despite complete satisfaction
    +end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
    +dispose of; make a financial settlement
    +cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids)
    +sink down or precipitate
    +fix firmly
    +get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury
    +make final; put the last touches on; put into final form
    +form a community
    +come as if by falling