US: /ˈsɪɹiz/
UK: /sˈi‍əɹiz/

English Vietnamese dictionary

series /'siəri:z/
  • danh từ, số nhiều không đổi
    • loạt, dãy, chuỗi, đợt
      • series of stamp: một đợt phát hành tem
      • in series: theo từng đợt nối tiếp nhau
    • (địa lý,địa chất) thống, hệ (địa tầng)
    • (hoá học) nhóm cùng gốc
    • (toán học) cấp số; chuỗi
      • arithmetical series: cấp số cộng
      • geometrical series: cấp số nhân
      • in series: (điện học) mắc nối tiếp
    • (động vật học) nhóm

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (plural series)
1 [C, usually sing.] ~ of sth several events or things of a similar kind that happen one after the other: The incident sparked off a whole series of events that nobody had foreseen. + the first / latest in a series of articles on the nature of modern society + The movie consisted of a series of flashbacks.
2 [C] a set of radio or television programmes that deal with the same subject or that have the same characters: The first episode of the new series is on Saturday.
3 [C] (sport) a set of sports games played between the same two teams: England have lost the Test series (= of cricket matches) against India. + the World Series (= in baseball)
4 [U, C] (technical) an electrical CIRCUIT in which the current passes through all the parts in the correct order: batteries connected in series + a series circuit / connection

Collocation dictionary

1 number of things that come one after another


He is in hospital for a whole series of tests.
| endless, long | complex
a complex series of events
| continuous | concert, lecture, test (in cricket)
Australia won the test series against England.


in a/the ~
The quartet will be performing in a series of lunchtime concerts.
| ~ of


the first/last, etc. of a/the series, the first/latest, etc. in a series

2 programmes on radio/television


radio, television/TV | comedy, crime, documentary, drama




in a/the ~
She has a small part in a drama series for radio.
| ~ about/on
We watched the final part of a series on famous gardens.

Concise English dictionary

'sɪrɪːz /'sɪə-
+similar things placed in order or happening one after another
+a serialized set of programs
+a periodical that appears at scheduled times
+(sports) several contests played successively by the same teams
+a group of postage stamps having a common theme or a group of coins or currency selected as a group for study or collection
+(mathematics) the sum of a finite or infinite sequence of expressions
+(electronics) connection of components in such a manner that current flows first through one and then through the other