US: /ˈskɛɹs/
UK: /skˈe‍əs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

scarce /skeəs/
  • tính từ
    • khan hiếm, ít có, thiếu, khó tìm
      • a scarce book: sách hiếm, sách khó tìm
    • to make oneself scarce
      • (xem) make

Advanced English dictionary

adjective, adverb
+ adjective (scarcer, scarcest) if sth is scarce, there is not enough of it and it is only available in small quantities: scarce resources + Details of the accident are scarce. + Food was becoming scarce.
Idioms: make oneself scarce (informal) to leave somewhere and stay away for a time in order to avoid an unpleasant situation: I could see he was annoyed so I made myself scarce.
+ adverb (literary) only just; almost not: I can scarce remember him.

Thesaurus dictionary

scanty, scant, insufficient, inadequate, deficient, wanting, lacking, rare, unusual, at a premium, in short supply, meagre, few and far between, seldom met with, hard to come by, Chiefly Brit thin on the ground:
Good editors are very scarce.

Collocation dictionary


be, seem | become, grow
Medical supplies were growing scarce.
| remain


extremely, particularly, very | increasingly
Skilled workers were becoming increasingly scarce.
| pretty, rather, relatively, somewhat
Money was somewhat scarce after the war.

Concise English dictionary

scarcer|scarcestskers /skeəs
+not enough; hard to find
+deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand
+by a small margin