US: /ˈɹuən/, /ˈɹuɪn/
UK: /ɹˈuːɪn/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ruin /ruin/
  • danh từ
    • sự đổ nát, sự suy đồi
      • to bumble (lie, lay) in ruin: đổ nát
    • sự tiêu tan
      • the ruin of one's hope: sự tiêu tan hy vọng
    • sự phá sản, sự thất bại; nguyên nhân phá sản, nguyên nhân đổ nát
      • to bring somebody to ruin: làm cho ai bị phá sản
      • to cause the ruin of...: gây ra sự đổ nát của...
    • ((thường) số nhiều) tàn tích; cảnh đổ nát, cảnh điêu tàn
      • the ruins of Rome: tàn tích của thành La mã
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm hỏng, làm đổ nát, tàn phá
    • làm suy nhược, làm xấu đi
      • to ruin someone's health: làm suy nhược sức khoẻ của ai
      • to ruin someone's reputation: làm mất thanh danh của ai
    • làm phá sản
      • to ruin oneself in gambling: phá sản vì cờ bạc
    • dụ dỗ, cám dỗ, làm mất thanh danh, làm hư hỏng (con gái)
    • nội động từ
      • (thơ ca) ngã rập mặt xuống đất
      • đổ sập xuống, sụp đổ

    Advanced English dictionary

    verb, noun
    + verb [VN]
    1 to damage sth so badly that it loses all its value, pleasure, etc.; to spoil sth: The bad weather ruined our trip. + That one mistake ruined his chances of getting the job. + My new shoes got ruined in the mud. + The crops were ruined by the late frost.
    2 to make sb/sth lose all their money, their position, etc: If she loses the court case it will ruin her. + The country was ruined by the war.
    + noun
    1 [U] the state or process of being destroyed or severely damaged: A large number of churches fell into ruin after the revolution. + The house had been left to go to ruin. + The terrorist attack had left the city in a state of ruin
    2 [U] the fact of having no money, of having lost your job, position, etc: The divorce ultimately led to his ruin. + The bank stepped in to save the company from financial ruin. + The war brought the country to the brink of ruin.
    3 [sing.] something that causes a person, company, etc. to lose all their money, job, position, etc: Gambling was his ruin.
    4 [C] (also ruins [pl.]) the parts of a building that remain after it has been destroyed or severely damaged: The old mill is now little more than a ruin. + We visited the ruins of a Norman castle. + Two bodies were found among the charred ruins of the house. + (figurative) He was determined to build a new life out of the ruins of his career.
    Idioms: in ruins destroyed or severely damaged: Years of fighting have left the area in ruins. + The scandal left his reputation in ruins. + Their plans for a comeback now lie in ruins.
    more at RACK n.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 downfall, destruction, devastation, havoc, breakdown, breakup, débâcle, collapse, fall, disintegration, ruination, dissolution, wiping out, failure, decay, undoing, end; conquest, defeat, overthrow; bankruptcy, liquidation, failure:
    Alexander was responsible for the ruin of the Persian empire. Overwhelming debts spelt Theo's financial ruin
    2 degradation, dishonour, debasement, defilement, corruption, vitiation, seduction, degrading, dishonouring, debasing, defiling, corrupting, vitiating, seducing; deflowering, defloration:
    Who was the libertine who brought about the ruin of Lord Harecombe's daughter?
    3 nemesis, curse, end, bane, curse:
    That boy will be my ruin!
    4 gin, mother's ruin, blue ruin, Slang rot-gut:
    After eating, we sat down and polished off a bottle of mother's ruin.
    5 hag, witch, crone, beldam; dotard, (old) fogy or fogey, fossil, fuddy-duddy, antique, Brit OAP (= 'old-age pensioner'), Chiefly US retiree, Colloq (old) geezer, wreck, Slang dodo:
    It's hard to understand what those two old ruins see in each other.
    6 ruins. debris, wreckage, fragments, rubble, remains:
    He stood among the ruins of the burnt-out house wondering what to do next. She was trying to piece together the ruins of her disastrous marriage.
    7 destroy, devastate, demolish, annihilate, dissolve, wipe out, undo, overthrow, lay waste, raze, shatter, wreck, crush, flatten, wreak havoc (up)on, reduce to nothing or naught, pulverize, smash, bring to ruin:
    The bomb ruined the entire centre of the city.
    8 spoil, disfigure, damage, botch, mess up, make a mess of, mar, uglify:
    The county office building completely ruins the Aylesbury skyline.
    9 spoil, destroy, wreck, nullify, damage, harm, hurt, impair, poison, Slang louse up, screw up, put the kibosh on, US bollix up, Taboo Slang chiefly Brit make a balls-up of:
    I think that your behaviour at the office party may just have ruined your prospects for promotion
    10 bankrupt, pauperize, impoverish, reduce to penury or poverty or destitution or indigence:
    Paying off the loan virtually ruined me.
    11 violate, deflower, ravish, seduce, lead astray, dishonour, defile, corrupt, debase, defile:
    She claimed that it was the local squire who ruined her, despite evidence to the contrary.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 spoilt state


    complete, utter


    fall into, go to
    The cottage gradually fell into ruin.


    be the ruin of sb/sth
    Drink has been the ruin of her.
    | go to rack and ruin
    They've let the house go to rack and ruin.

    2 end of success, hopes, etc.


    economic, financial | political


    The company faces ruin over the new road plans.
    | bring, lead to, mean, spell
    The cost would have meant financial ruin for us.
    | save from


    on the brink/verge of ruin, the road to ruin
    He's on the road to political ruin.

    3 damaged building, town, etc.


    ancient | charred, smoking
    the charred ruins of their home
    | abbey, castle, etc.


    be/lie in ~
    The church now lies in ruins.
    | leave sth in ~
    The earthquake left the town in ruins.


    ~s of
    the ancient ruins of Jericho

    Concise English dictionary

    +an irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction
    +a ruined building
    +the process of becoming dilapidated
    +an event that results in destruction
    +failure that results in a loss of position or reputation
    +destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined
    +destroy completely; damage irreparably
    +destroy or cause to fail
    +reduce to bankruptcy
    +reduce to ruins
    +deprive of virginity
    +fall into ruin