US: /ɹiˈspɑnsəbəɫ/
UK: /ɹɪspˈɒnsəbə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

responsible /ris'pɔnsəbl/
  • tính từ
    • chịu trách nhiệm
      • to be responsible for something: chịu trách nhiệm về việc gì
    • có trách nhiệm; đứng đắn, đáng tin cậy; có uy tín (người)
    • responsible government
      • chính phủ không chuyên quyền

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
having job / duty
1 ~ (for sb/sth)
~ (for doing sth) having the job or duty of doing sth or taking care of sb/sth, so that you may be blamed if sth goes wrong: Mike is responsible for designing the entire project. + Even where parents no longer live together, they each continue to be responsible for their children.
causing sth
2 ~ (for sth) being able to be blamed for sth: Who's responsible for this mess? + Everything will be done to bring those responsible to justice. + He is mentally ill and cannot be held responsible for his actions.
3 ~ (for sth) being the cause of sth: Cigarette smoking is responsible for about 90% of deaths from lung cancer.
to sb in authority
4 ~ to sb/sth to have to report to sb/sth with authority or in a higher position and explain to them what you have done: The Council of Ministers is responsible to the Assembly.
5 (of people or their actions or behaviour) that you can trust and rely on: Clare has a mature and responsible attitude to work.
6 [usually before noun] needing sb who can be trusted and relied on; involving important duties: a responsible job / position

Thesaurus dictionary

1 accountable, answerable, liable, chargeable:
The court determined that she was not responsible for her actions.
2 reliable, trustworthy, dependable, stable, creditable, accountable, ethical, honest:
If teenagers can show that they are sufficiently responsible, the bank will lend them money for their enterprise
3 executive, leading, authoritative, administrative, important, decision-making, managerial, directorial, principal, chief, top, US front-office:
Oliver played a responsible role in the running of the company.
4 guilty, to blame, at fault, culpable:
We never found out who was responsible for putting the frog in the teacher's desk.

Collocation dictionary

1 having the job/duty of doing sth


be | become | remain | make sb
I am making you responsible for the cooking.


entirely, totally, wholly | chiefly, largely, mainly, primarily | individually | collectively, jointly
All members of the Cabinet are collectively responsible for decisions taken.
| formally, legally | nominally
The company could not indicate a person even nominally responsible for staff training.
| ultimately
The board is ultimately responsible for policy decisions.
| financially


They're responsible for cleaning the engine.

2 being the cause of sth/to blame for sth


be, feel | become | consider sb, deem sb, find sb, hold sb, regard sb as, see sb as, think sb
They held him responsible for the failure of the policy.


entirely, fully, wholly | partially, partly | directly | indirectly | personally | single-handedly, solely
He was almost single-handedly responsible for the flourishing drug trade in the town.
| ultimately | somehow
Did he think her somehow responsible for Eddie's death?
| morally


Who was responsible for the mistake?

3 having to report to sb/sth




directly | ultimately
a complex web of party bodies ultimately responsible to the Central Committee


The prime minister is directly responsible to Parliament.

4 showing/needing good sense and reliability


be, seem | become


extremely, highly, very | fairly, quite | ecologically, environmentally
The organization needs to become more environmentally responsible.
| morally, politically, socially
allocating resources in a morally responsible way

Concise English dictionary

rɪ'spɑnsəbl /-pɒn-
+worthy of or requiring responsibility or trust; or held accountable
+being the agent or cause
+having an acceptable credit rating