US: /ɹiˈspɑnd/, /ɹɪˈspɑnd/
UK: /ɹɪspˈɒnd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

respond /ris'pɔns/
  • nội động từ
    • phản ứng lại
      • to respond with a blow: đập lại bằng một đòn
    • đáp lại, hưởng ứng (lời kêu gọi, sự đối xử tốt...)
      • to respond to the appeal: hưởng ứng lời kêu gọi
      • to respond to someone's kindness: đáp lại lòng tốt của ai

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 ~ (to sb/sth) (with sth) (rather formal) to give a spoken or written answer to sb/sth
Synonym: REPLY
[V] I asked him his name, but he didn't respond. + She never responded to my letter. + More than fifty people responded to the advertisement. + [V speech] 'I'm not sure,' she responded. + [V that] When asked about the company's future, the director responded that he remained optimistic. - ANSWER
2 [V] ~ (to sth) (with sth / by doing sth) to do sth as a reaction to sth that sb has said or done
Synonym: REACT
How did they respond to the news? + The government responded by banning all future demonstrations.
3 [V] ~ (to sth/sb) to react quickly or in the correct way to sth/sb: The car responds very well to the controls. + You can rely on him to respond to a challenge.
4 [V] ~ (to sth) to improve as a result of a particular kind of treatment: The infection did not respond to the drugs.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 answer, reply, come back, return, react, reciprocate, counter; rejoin, retort:
When Sean insulted her, Una responded with a slap to his face. I said, 'Good morning!' and Adrian responded, 'What's good about it?'
2 Often, respond to. be responsive (to), react (to), empathize (with), sympathize (with), commiserate (with), feel for, pity, be affected or moved or touched (by):
Many respond to those charity appeals for the crippled and disabled.

Collocation dictionary

1 react


immediately, instantly | promptly, quickly, rapidly, swiftly | enthusiastically, favourably, positively, well
Both sides have responded positively to the plan. Their son is responding well to the treatment.
| forcefully, vigorously | adequately, appropriately, constructively, effectively, intelligently | adversely, aggressively, angrily | cautiously, coolly | sensitively, sympathetically | generously | magnificently
The teams responded magnificently to the challenge.
| accordingly
The government needs to listen to the public and respond accordingly.
| readily
The plants readily respond to these stimuli.
| directly | automatically, instinctively | flexibly | differently | merely, simply
We do not have a strategy. We merely respond to ideas from local people.
| emotionally, imaginatively
to respond emotionally to the landscape
| in kind
The terrorists declared all-out war on the government and the government responded in kind.


be able/unable to | be likely to
She wasn't sure how he was likely to respond.
| fail to
His condition failed to respond to the treatment.
| be slow to | enable sb to
enabling teachers to respond flexibly to the needs of their students


The government responded by tightening the law on gun ownership.
| to
Companies have to respond to the changing economic climate.
| with
The demonstrators threw stones and the police responded with tear gas.


an ability/a capacity/a willingness to respond, a failure to respond

2 say sth in reply


politely | angrily | coolly | drily


He responded politely to her questions.
| with
He responded with a smile when she spoke.

Concise English dictionary

responds|responded|respondingrɪ'spɑnd /-'spɒnd
+show a response or a reaction to something
+reply or respond to
+respond favorably or as hoped