US: /ɹiˈpɔɹt/, /ɹɪˈpɔɹt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

report /ri'pɔ:t/
  • danh từ
    • bản báo cáo; biên bản
      • to give a report on...: báo cáo về...
      • to make a report: làm một bản báo cáo; làm biên bản
    • bản tin, bản dự báo; phiếu thành tích học tập (hằng tháng hoặc từng học kỳ của học sinh)
      • weather report: bản dự báo thời tiết
    • tin đồn
      • the report goes that... the report has it that...: có tin đồn rằng...
    • tiếng tăm, danh tiếng
      • a man of good report: một người có danh tiếng
    • tiếng nổ (súng...)
      • the report of a gun: tiếng súng nổ
  • động từ
    • kể lại, nói lại, thuật lại
      • to report someone's words: nói lại lời của ai
      • to report a meeting: thuật lại buổi mít tinh
    • báo cáo, tường trình
      • to report on (upon) something: báo cáo (tường trình) về vấn đề gì
    • viết phóng sự (về vấn đề gì)
      • to report for a broadcast: viết phóng sự cho đài phát thanh
      • to report for a newspaper: viết phóng sự cho một tờ báo
    • đồn, đưa tin, nói về (ai), phát biểu về (ai)
      • it is reported that: người ta đồn rằng
      • to be well reported of: được tiếng tốt, được mọi người khen nhiều
    • báo, trình báo, tố cáo, tố giác
      • to report an accident to the police: trình báo công an một tai nạn
      • to report someone to the police: tố giác ai với công an, trình báo ai với công an
    • to report onself
      • trình diện (sau một thời gian vắng)
    • to report onself to someone: trình diện với ai
    • to report work
      • đến nhận công tác (sau khi xin được việc)

Advanced English dictionary

verb, noun
+ verb
give information
1 ~ (on sth) (to sb)
~ sth (to sb)
~ sb/sth (as sth / as doing sth) to give people information about sth that you have heard, seen, done, etc: [VN] The crash happened seconds after the pilot reported engine trouble. + The findings are similar to those reported in previous studies. + Call me urgently if you have anything to report. + The company is expected to report record profits this year. + The house was reported as being in excellent condition. + [V] The committee will report on its research next month. + [V -ing] The neighbours reported seeing him leave the building around noon. + [VN-ADJ] The doctor reported the patient fully recovered. + [VN to inf] The house was reported to be in excellent condition. + She was reported by the hospital spokesman to be making excellent progress.
Help Note: This pattern is only used in the passive. [also V speech, V (that), V wh-, VN -ing]
news / story
2 ~ (on) sth to present a written or spoken account of an event in a newspaper, on television, etc: [VN] The stabbing was reported in the local press. + [VN that] It was reported that several people had been arrested. + [V] She reports on royal stories for the BBC. + (BrE) Reporting restrictions on the trial have been lifted (= it can now legally be reported). [also V that]
3 (be reported) used to show that sth has been stated, and you do not know if it is true or not: [VN to inf] She is reported to earn over $10 million a year. + [VN] The President is reported as saying that he needs a break. + [VN that] It was reported that changes were being considered.
crime / accident, etc.
4 ~ sth (to sb)
~ sb (to sb) (for sth / for doing sth) to tell a person in authority about a crime, an accident, an illness, etc. or about sth bad that sb has done: [VN] She threatened to report him to the authorities for hunting without a licence. + Have you reported the accident to the police yet? + He's already been reported twice for arriving late. + a decrease in the number of reported cases of Aids + I'm going to report you if you do that again! + [VN-ADJ] She has reported her daughter missing.
5 [V] ~ (to sb/sth) (for sth) to tell sb that you have arrived, for example for work or for a meeting with sb: You should report for duty at 9.30 a.m. + All visitors must report to the reception desk on arrival.
Phrasal Verbs: report back to return to a place, especially in order to work again: Take an hour for lunch and report back at 2.
report back (on sth) (to sb) to give sb information about sth that they have asked you to find out about: Find out as much as you can about him and report back to me. + One person in the group should be prepared to report back to the class on your discussion. + [+ that] They reported back that no laws had actually been broken.
report to sb (not used in the progressive tenses) (business) if you report to a particular manager in an organization that you work for, they are officially responsible for your work and tell you what to do
+ noun
of news
1 ~ (on / of sth) a written or spoken account of an event, especially one that is published or broadcast: Are these newspaper reports true? + And now over to Jim Muir, for a report on the South African election. + a weather report
2 ~ (on sth) a spoken or written description of sth containing information that sb needs to have: a police / medical report + Can you give us a progress report?
official study
3 ~ (on sth) an official document written by a group of people who have examined a particular situation or problem: The committee will publish their report on the health service in a few weeks.
4 a story or piece of information that may or may not be true: I don't believe these reports of UFO sightings. + There are unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital.
on student's work
5 (BrE) (AmE report card) a written statement about a student's work at school, college, etc: a school report + to get a good / bad report
of gun
6 (written) the sound of an explosion or of a gun being fired: a loud report
Idioms: of bad / good report (formal) talked about by people in a bad/good way

Thesaurus dictionary

1 account, description, story, article, write-up, piece, statement, dispatch or despatch, communication, communiqué, announcement, narrative, record; news, information:
Stanley hasn't yet sent in the full report of his meeting with John. Is there any report from the front?
2 explosion, bang, boom, shot, gunshot, gunfire, backfire, discharge, crack, blast, detonation:
In the distance we heard the report of a gun, and later a muffled explosion.
3 relate, recount, describe, narrate, tell of, detail, give an account of, write up, document:
Our man in Kuala Lumpur reported a disturbance in a remote village.
4 publish, promulgate, publicize, put out, announce, set forth, reveal, disclose, divulge, announce, circulate, make public, broadcast:
Two newspapers and a television station reported the arrest of the suspect
5 arrive, appear, surface, check in, sign in, clock in or on, turn up, come in, US report in:
We were asked to report for duty at 0800 on Friday.
6 report on. investigate, cover, examine, explore, look into, inquire into, check into or on, check (up) on, research, study, probe, scrutinize, Slang check out, Brit suss out:
The new journalist was assigned to report on allegations of bribery in the council.

Collocation dictionary

1 written/spoken account of sth


important, influential, major | lengthy | brief, short | complete, comprehensive, extensive, full, wide-ranging
I will have to make a full report of the situation to my superiors.
| detailed, in-depth | general | encouraging, excellent, favourable, positive | adverse, bad, critical, damning, hard-hitting, negative, pessimistic | sensational | latest, new, recent, up-to-date | previous | original
There have been many new findings since the original report.
| early, initial, interim, preliminary | further, later, subsequent | periodic, regular | annual, quarterly | final | draft | formal | written | verbal | published | unpublished | special | standard
| verbatim | reliable | false,
misleading | conflicting
There have been conflicting reports on the number of people killed.
| factual | anecdotal | eyewitness, first-hand, on-the-spot | second-hand | anonymous | unconfirmed
unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital
| independent | joint | official | unofficial | confidential, secret | public | government, parliamentary | intelligence, police
Reliable intelligence reports suggest that the terrorists have bases in five cities.
| media, press | magazine, newspaper, radio, television | news | weather |
committee | company |
economic, financial, market | environmental | medical, psychiatric | scientific, technical
| lab/laboratory | case,
research, survey | enquiry |
accident, crash | autopsy |
progress, status | probation | audit, due diligence
| law
The case has not yet been reported in the law reports.


deliver, give sb, make, present
The committee presented its report to the Attorney General.
| compile, do, draw up, prepare, produce, type (up), write
I typed up a report about the morning's events for our clients.
| file, give (sb/sth), let sb have, submit
Our correspondent in Washington files a report most days. I'll let you have a report as soon as I can. | issue, releaseAuditors normally issue a report as to whether the company accounts have been prepared correctly.
| leak
a confidential report leaked to the press
| have, hear, receive
We've had reports of a gang shooting in the city.
| call for
The MPs called for a full report on the nuclear contract.
| commission
The government commissioned a report on the state of agriculture in the country.
| launch, undertake | accept, endorse
Following discussion, the annual report was accepted unanimously. | reject | confirm | denyThey could neither confirm nor deny reports that the chairperson was to be replaced.
| read | consider, discuss | publish | appear in
A large number of tables and figures appear in the report.


be based on sth
This report is based on the analysis of 600 completed questionnaires.
| concern sth, cover sth, detail sth, examine sth, look at sth, relate to sth
The report looks at the health risks linked to obesity.
| comprise sth, contain sth, include sth | comment (on) sth, describe sth, explain sth, express sth, indicate sth, mention sth, outline sth, say sth, state sth
Reports have indicated that a growing number of medium-sized firms are under financial pressure.
| cite sth, list sth, note sth
The report notes evidence that secondary smoke from other people's cigarettes harms unborn children.
| add sth, go on …
The report went on to list her injuries.
| acknowledge sth, admit (to) sth
The report admits to several outstanding questions about the safety of the waste dumps.
| allege sth, claim sth | argue sth | demonstrate sth, show sth | reveal sth
The riots had been sparked off by police mishandling of a case, a report revealed yesterday.
| draw attention to sth, emphasize sth, highlight sth, point sth out, stress sth
The report draws attention to the appalling conditions in the country's prisons.
| warn sth
The report warns that more job losses are likely.
| confirm sth | conclude sth, find sth, link sth with sth
a report linking ill health with industrial pollution
| advocate sth, call for sth, propose sth, recommend sth, suggest sth, urge sth
The report called for sweeping changes in the education system.
| accuse sb/sth, attack sb/sth, blame sb/sth, criticize sb/sth | be called sth, be entitled sth
a report entitled ‘Kick-start’
| be out
Criticism has been levelled at local businesses in a report out (= released)today.


writer, writing


according to a/the ~
According to this evening'sweather report, there will be snowtomorrow.
| amid/amidst ~s
Thepro-democracy rally came amidstreports of dissatisfaction amongarmy officers.
| in a/the ~
Thefindings are summarized in thereport.
| ~ about, ~ by
a reportby scientists
| ~ from
a reportfrom the select committee
| ~ into
The department has launcheda report into the bombing.
| ~ on
an official report on the accident

2 written statement about a student's work


good | bad | school | end-of-term


She got a betterreport this year.


The reconnaissance party reported back that the town was heavily fortified.


be expected to, expect to
The company is expected to report record profits this year.
| be delighted to, be glad to, be happy to, be pleased to
I am pleased to report that the scheme is going well.
| have to
It is with regret that I have to report the death of one of our members.
| fail to
He was charged with careless driving and failing to report an accident.


This is John Hutchins, reporting from Zimbabwe.
| on
reporting on the situation in central Africa
| to
Report the theft to the police as soon as possible.


be widely reported
The incident was widely reported in the British press.

Concise English dictionary

reports|reported|reportingrɪ'pɔrt /-'pɔːt
+a written document describing the findings of some individual or group
+a short account of the news
+the act of informing by verbal report
+a sharp explosive sound (especially the sound of a gun firing)
+a written evaluation of a student's scholarship and deportment
+an essay (especially one written as an assignment)
+the general estimation that the public has for a person
+to give an account or representation of in words
+announce as the result of an investigation, or announce something to the proper authorities
+announce one's presence
+make known to the authorities
+be responsible for reporting the details of, as in journalism
+complain about; make a charge against