US: /ɹɪˈmuvəɫ/
UK: /ɹɪmˈuːvə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

removal /ri'mu:vəl/
  • danh từ
    • việc dời đi, việc di chuyển; sự dọn (đồ đạc...)
      • the removal of furniture: việc dọn đồ đạc
    • sự dọn nhà, sự đổi chỗ ở
    • sự tháo (lốp xe...)
    • sự cách chức (viên chức)
    • sự tẩy trừ (thói tham nhũng, sự loại bỏ (cái gì...); sự xoá bỏ (dấu vết, tật xấu)
    • sự giết, sự thủ tiêu (ai)
    • sự bóc (niêm phong)
    • (y học) sự cắt bỏ
    • three removals are as bad as a fire
      • (tục ngữ) ba lần dọn nhà bằng một lần cháy nhà

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U] ~ (of sb/sth) the act of taking sb/sth away from a particular place: Clearance of the site required the removal of a number of trees. + the removal of a tumour + Allegations of abuse led to the removal of several children from their families.
2 [U] ~ (of sth) the act of getting rid of sth: stain removal + the removal of trade barriers
3 [U] ~ (of sb) the act of dismissing sb from their job: events leading to the removal of the president from office
4 [C] (BrE) an act of taking furniture, etc. from one house to another: house removals + a removal company / firm + When are the removal men coming?

Thesaurus dictionary

1 elimination, removing, eradication, taking away:
The removal of the wallpaper revealed that the plaster underneath was in very poor condition
2 extermination, murder, elimination, killing, slaying, assassination, execution, liquidation, eradication, massacre, slaughter, purge, doing away with, Slang bumping off, rubbing out, doing in, US rub-out, wasting:
The removal of the finance minister was accomplished by the secret police
3 dismissal, transfer, transference, transferral, shifting, discharge, throwing over, throwing out, deposition, unseating, dethroning, dethronement, displacement, expulsion, ouster, ousting, riddance, purge, Colloq firing, sacking:
The company functions better since the removal of the former chairman.
4 move, transfer, departure, moving:
Her removal to a branch office was requested by top management.
5 moving, house-moving:
We hired a removal van when we moved to Shropshire.

Collocation dictionary


complete, total, wholesale | temporary | effective, successful | immediate, speedy
his immediate removal from power
| easy
a liquid for the easy removal of coffee stains
| forced/forcible
the forcible removal of the protesters' barricades.
| surgical | hair, stain


call for, demand, seek
They demanded her removal from office.
| order
In a symbolic move, the new government ordered the removal of the dictator's statue.
| require
The programme required the removal of government subsidies.
| allow | arrange for
to arrange for the removal and disposal of waste.
| facilitate | prevent


~ from
The local council does not allow the removal of sand from the beach.
| ~ to
the collection's temporary removal to storage


removal from office

Concise English dictionary

+the act of removing
+dismissal from office