US: /ɹiˈfɝbɪʃ/
UK: /ɹɪfˈɜːbɪʃ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • ngoại động từ
    • tân trang lại, trang trí lại

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
[VN] to clean and decorate a room, building, etc. in order to make it more attractive, more useful, etc: The theatre has been extensively refurbished.
refurbishment noun [U, C]: The hotel is closed for refurbishment. + This is just one of several planned refurbishments.

Thesaurus dictionary

restore, refurnish, redecorate, clean (up), polish, renew, renovate, spruce up, remodel, refit, overhaul, repair, recondition, revamp, rebuild, Colloq do up, US fix up:
The person who bought the house refurbished it completely, at enormous expense.

Concise English dictionary

refurbishes|refurbished|refurbishing‚rɪː'fɜrbɪʃ /-'fɜː-
+make brighter and prettier