US: /ˈɹeɪʃiˌoʊ/
UK: /ɹˈe‍ɪʃɪˌə‍ʊ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

ratio /'reiʃiou/
  • danh từ, số nhiều ratios /'reiʃiouz/
    • tỷ số, tỷ lệ
      • ratio of similitude: (toán học) tỷ số đồng dạng
      • in the ratio of 5 to 10: theo tỷ lệ 5 trên 10
      • to be in direct ratio to: theo tỷ lệ thuận với
      • to be in inverse ratio to: theo tỷ lệ nghịch với
    • (kỹ thuật) số truyền

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
(plural ratios) ~ (of A to B) the relationship between two groups of people or things that is represented by two numbers showing how much larger one group is than the other: What is the ratio of men to women in the department? + The school has a very high teacher-student ratio. + The ratio of applications to available places currently stands at 100:

Thesaurus dictionary

proportion, relationship, correlation, correspondence:
What is the ratio of male to female students at Oxford University? In that area, the ratio of tenants to home-owners is about two to one.

Collocation dictionary


high, low | male/female, pupil/teacher, etc. | benefit-to-risk, power-to-weight, etc.


achieve, have
They have a high ratio of imports to exports.
| improve, increase
The hospital is trying to improve its staff/patient ratio.
| reduce | calculate, find, work out


improve | worsen
the worsening pupil/teacher ratio in our schools


in a/the ~
We mixed the oil and water in a ratio of one to five.
| ~ between
the ratio between the amount of time spent on the work and the profit produced
| ~ of sth to sth
the ratio of house prices to incomes


in direct ratio to sth
Their sales rose in direct ration to the amount they spent on advertising.

Concise English dictionary

ratios'reɪʃəʊ /-ʃɪəʊ
+the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)