US: /ˈpjuni/
UK: /pjˈuːni/

English Vietnamese dictionary

puny /'pju:ni/
  • tính từ
    • nhỏ bé, bé bỏng, yếu đuối

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective (disapproving)
1 small and weak: The lamb was a puny little thing.
2 not very impressive: They laughed at my puny efforts.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 small, little, insignificant, petty, unimportant, inconsequential, paltry, trivial, trifling, minor, negligible, nugatory, of little or no account, inferior, worthless, useless, Colloq piddling, Slang Brit not much cop:
Farr's contribution to the success of the business was really quite puny
2 small, little, diminutive, tiny, minute:
Mattson looks so puny alongside that sumo wrestler.
3 weak, feeble, frail, sickly, weakly, underfed, undernourished, undersized, underdeveloped, stunted, dwarf, midget, pygmy:
You cannot expect such a puny chap to lift such a great weight.

Concise English dictionary

+inferior in strength or significance
+(used especially of persons) of inferior size