US: /ˈpənɪʃmənt/
UK: /pˈʌnɪʃmənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

punishment /'pʌniʃmənt/
  • danh từ
    • sự phạt, sự trừng phạt, sự trừng trị
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) sự hành hạ, sự ngược đãi

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 [U, C] ~ (for sth) an act or a way of punishing sb: to inflict / impose / mete out punishment + What is the punishment for murder? + There is little evidence that harsher punishments deter any better than more lenient ones. + The punishment should fit the crime. + He was sent to his room as a punishment.
2 [U] rough treatment: The carpet by the door takes the most punishment.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 chastisement, chastising, castigation, castigating, discipline, disciplining, chastening, scolding, rebuke, reproof, dressing-down, admonishment, admonition, correction, punitive measures:
Every society must continually revise its approach to the punishment of criminals
2 penance, penalty, sentence, sentencing, just deserts; imprisonment, incarceration, jailing or Brit also gaoling; lashing, flogging, beating, whipping, scourging, spanking, caning, birching, US paddling; exile, banishment, excommunication, cashiering; hanging, execution, electrocution, drawing and quartering:
Her punishment is to perform 20 hours a week of public service for a year. Stop whimpering and take your punishment like a man
3 injury, harm, damage, abuse, maltreatment, mauling, beating, thrashing, trouncing, manhandling, battering, torture:
How are professional wrestlers able to withstand so much punishment?

Collocation dictionary


cruel, harsh, heavy, severe | unusual
the constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment
| appropriate, fitting | capital | corporal, physical


administer, hand out, impose, inflict, mete out
It is unlawful for a teacher to inflict corporal punishment on pupils. Harsh punishment is expected to be meted out to the murderer.
| receive, suffer | avoid, escape | deserve


fit the crime
The victim's family do not believe that this punishment fits the crime.


as ~ (for)
She had to tidy the classroom as punishment for being late.
| ~ for
Punishments for killing the king's deer were severe.


crime and punishment
the sociology of crime and punishment
| on pain of punishment
(= with the threat of punishment)He was compelled on pain of punishment to answer the question.
| reward and punishment
They use a system of reward and punishment to discipline their children.

Concise English dictionary

+the act of punishing