US: /ˈpɹɪzənɝ/, /ˈpɹɪznɝ/
UK: /pɹˈɪzənɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

prisoner /prisoner/
  • danh từ
    • người bị giam giữ, người tù; con vật bị nhốt
      • political prisoner; state prisoner of state: tù chính trị
      • to take someone prisoner: bắt ai bỏ tù; (quân sự) bắt ai làm tù binh
      • prisoner at the bar: tù phạm bị đem ra xét xử
      • he is a prisoner to his chair: nó (bị ốm) ngồi liệt trên ghế
      • a fever kept me a prisoner in my bed: cơn sốt bắt tôi phải nằm liệt giường
    • tù binh ((cũng) prisoner of war)
    • prisoners' bars (base)
      • trò chơi bắt tù binh (của trẻ con)
    • to make a woman's hand a prisoner
      • được một người đàn bà hứa lấy

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun
1 a person who is kept in prison as a punishment, or while they are waiting for trial: The number of prisoners serving life sentences has fallen. + They are demanding the release of all political prisoners.
2 a person who has been captured, for example by an enemy, and is being kept somewhere: He was taken prisoner by rebel soldiers. + They are holding her prisoner and demanding a large ransom. + (figurative) She is afraid to go out and has become a virtual prisoner in her own home. + (figurative) He was a prisoner of his own ignorance.

Thesaurus dictionary

convict, trusty; internee, detainee; Colloq jailbird or Brit also gaolbird, lifer, Slang con, Brit (old) lag, Old-fashioned ticket-of-leave man, US two-time or three-time loser:
Prisoners' letters were censored.

Collocation dictionary


Without a wheelchair, she is a virtual prisoner in her own home.
| political | life, life-sentence, long-term | short-term | remand | condemned, convicted, sentenced | escaped | model
He was a model prisoner, and was released after serving only half of his five-year sentence.


capture, take
They had captured over 100 prisoners. Many soldiers were taken prisoner.
| hold, keep
They were kept prisoner for eight months in a tiny flat.
| free, release


a prisoner of conscience
The former prisoner of conscience was elected president of the new democracy.
| a prisoner of war

Concise English dictionary

+a person who is confined; especially a prisoner of war