US: /ˈpɹɛʃɝ/
UK: /pɹˈɛʃɐ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

pressure /'preʃə/
  • danh từ
    • sức ép, áp lực ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng)), áp suất
      • atmospheric pressure: áp suất quyển khí
      • low pressure: áp suất thấp
      • under the pressure of public opinion: dưới sức ép của dư luận quần chúng
      • to bring pressure to bear upon somebody; to put pressure upon somebody: (nghĩa bóng) dùng sức ép đối với ai
    • sự đè nặng, sự ép buộc, sự thúc bách; cảnh quẩn bách
      • financial pressure: tài chính quẩn bách
    • sự vội vã, sự cấp bách, sự gấp, sự khẩn cấp
      • write hastily and under pressure: viết vội vã trong hoàn cảnh cấp bách; bị ép buộc phải viết vội vã
    • (điện học) ứng suất
    • high pressure
      • áp suất cao
    • (nghĩa bóng) sự tích cực hết sức; sự hăng hái hết sức, sự khẩn trương hết sức
      • to work at high pressure: làm việc hết sức tích cực, làm việc hết sức khẩn trương hăng hái

Advanced English dictionary

noun, verb
+ noun
when sth presses
1 [U] the force or weight with which sth presses against sth else: The nurse applied pressure to his arm to stop the bleeding. + The barriers gave way under the pressure of the crowd.
of gas / liquid
2 [U, C] the force produced by a particular amount of gas or liquid in an enclosed space or container; the amount of this: air / water pressure + Check the tyre pressure (= the amount of air in a tyre) regularly. + a pressure gauge (= an instrument used for measuring the pressure of a liquid or a gas)
of atmosphere
3 [U] the force of the atmosphere on the earth's surface: A band of high pressure is moving across the country.
persuasion / force
4 [U] ~ (for sth)
~ (on sb) (to do sth) the act of trying to persuade or to force sb to do sth: The pressure for change continued to mount. + There is a great deal of pressure on young people to conform. + The government eventually bowed to popular pressure (= they agreed to do what people were trying to get them to do). + Teenagers may find it difficult to resist peer pressure.
5 [U] (also pressures [pl.]) difficulties and feelings of anxiety that are caused by the need to achieve or to behave in a particular way: She was unable to attend because of the pressure of work. + You need to be able to handle pressure in this job. + How can anyone enjoy the pressures of city life?
Idioms: put pressure on sb (to do sth) to force or to try to persuade sb to do sth: Advertisements put pressure on girls to be thin.
under pressure
1 if a liquid or a gas is kept under pressure, it is forced into a container so that when the container is opened, the liquid or gas escapes quickly: Draught beer is pumped out of the barrel under pressure.
2 being forced to do sth: The director is under increasing pressure to resign. + The pound came under pressure from foreign currencies today, increasing the chances of a rise in interest rates.
3 made to feel anxious about sth you have to do: The team performs well under pressure.
+ verb [often passive] ~ sb (into sth / into doing sth) (especially AmE) = PRESSURIZE [VN] Don't let yourself be pressured into making a hasty decision. [also VN to inf]

Thesaurus dictionary

1 force, compression; weight, power, strength:
The air pressure in your tyres is low. The pressure of the water burst the pipe
2 compression, pressing, squeezing, compressing, tension, stress, crushing:
The pressure of a tourniquet has to be loosened now and then.
3 affliction, oppression, press, weight, burden, load, albatross, strain, stress, urgency, demands, exigency or exigencies, vexation, distress, trouble(s), adversity, difficulty or difficulties, straits, constraint(s), problem(s):
Pressure of work prevents me from taking any time away from the office. When interest rates increase, we all feel financial pressure
4 influence, power, sway, constraint, insistence, coercion, intimidation, arm-twisting; inducement, persuasion, urging, pressing:
Without more pressure from local residents, the roadworks will not be completed in time.
5 persuade, influence; prevail upon or on, press, urge, sway, intimidate, bring pressure to bear (on), apply pressure (on or to), coerce, force, compel, constrain, require, demand, make, insist upon or on, Brit pressurize, Colloq twist (someone's) arm, lean on, turn the heat on, Slang put the screws on or to:
They pressured him to take the assignment in New Zealand.

Collocation dictionary

1 force produced by pressing


gentle, light | firm | downward


apply, put | reduce

2 force of a gas or liquid


high, low | air, blood, water
an instrument for measuring blood pressure
| atmospheric, barometric


build up, increase, rise | ease, fall

3 cause of worry


considerable, constant, intolerable, undue, unrelenting | commercial, competitive, economic, financial, political, social
The economic pressures on small businesses are intense.


place/put sb under | cope with, withstand | escape, get away (from)
It's an ideal place in which to relax and escape the pressures of modern life.
| reduce


build up, increase


under ~
He's felt under pressure since his wife had the operation.
| ~ on
There's a lot of pressure on the soldiers preparing for battle.


pressure of work
The holiday was a welcome relief from the pressure of work.

4 attempt to persuade/influence sb


enormous, great, intense, strong, tremendous
There is intense pressure on her to resign.
| growing, increasing, mounting | popular
The government bowed to popular pressure and repealed the law.
| peer, peer-group
She started smoking because of peer pressure.


bring to bear, exert, place/put (sb under)
This concession would not have happened but for the pressure that was brought to bear on the authorities. My parents never put any pressure on me to get a job.
| be brought under, be under, come under, face
Hospital staff are coming under pressure to work longer hours.
| resist, withstand | bow to, give in to, respond to
The editor bowed to pressure from his staff, and the article was suppressed.


intensify, mount




under ~
Management is under pressure to set an example on pay restraint.
| ~ for
pressure for change in the country's economy
| ~ from
pressure from religious groups
| ~ on
pressure on foreign diplomats

Concise English dictionary

+the force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit)
+a force that compels
+the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure
+the state of demanding notice or attention
+the somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin
+an oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress
+to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"
+exert pressure on someone through threats