US: /ˈpaʊɝfəɫ/
UK: /pˈa‍ʊəfə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

powerful /'pauəful/
  • tính từ
    • hùng mạnh, hùng cường, mạnh mẽ
    • có quyền thế lớn, có quyền lực lớn, có uy quyền lớn

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
1 (of people) being able to control and influence people and events
an immensely powerful nation / group / organization + one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood + a rich and powerful man + Only the intervention of powerful friends obtained her release.
2 having great power or force; very effective: powerful weapons / tools + a powerful engine / car + a powerful voice / smell + a powerful telescope + I traded my computer in for a more powerful model.
3 having a strong effect on your mind or body: a powerful image / drug / speech + Television may have a powerful influence on children. + Fear is a powerful emotion. + There is a powerful argument for changing the law.
4 (of a person or an animal) physically strong: a powerful body + a powerful athlete
powerfully adverb: a powerfully emotive song + He is powerfully built (= he has a large strong body). + She argued powerfully for reform.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 potent, strong, mighty, vigorous, robust, energetic, sturdy, stalwart, tough, resilient, dynamic:
Leslie has a powerful physique. The cities of the Hanseatic League had powerful economies
2 influential, strong, compelling, forceful, potent, substantial, weighty, authoritative, effective; important, impressive, telling, effectual, formidable, persuasive:
Powerful arguments have been brought to bear against taking such action. She has many powerful friends.
3 strong, potent; intense, substantial, great, high:
The drug is too powerful to be taken regularly. A powerful electrical charge was sent through the wire to test the connection.

Collocation dictionary


be, feel, look, seem | become


enormously, especially, exceptionally, extraordinarily, extremely, immensely, incredibly, particularly, really, remarkably, surprisingly, tremendously, unusually, very | increasingly | fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively | enough, sufficiently
She had a voice powerful enough not to need a microphone.
| potentially | economically, politically
a politically powerful figure
| locally
locally powerful landowners

Concise English dictionary

+having great power or force or potency or effect
+strong enough to knock down or overwhelm
+having great influence
+(of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful
+displaying superhuman strength or power
+(Southern regional intensive) very