US: /ˈpɔɪntɫəs/
UK: /pˈɔ‍ɪntləs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

pointless /'pɔintlis/
  • tính từ
    • cùn, không nhọn
    • không ý vị, vô nghĩa, lạc lõng (câu chuyện)
    • không được điểm nào

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
having no purpose; not worth doing: We searched until we knew it would be pointless to continue. + Trying to foresee the future is a pointless exercise.
pointlessly adverb: He argued pointlessly with his parents.
pointlessness noun [U]: the pointlessness of war

Thesaurus dictionary

purposeless, aimless, worthless, ineffective, meaningless, ineffectual, futile, unproductive, fruitless, bootless, useless, vain, senseless, absurd, silly, stupid, inane, asinine, fatuous, preposterous, nonsensical, ridiculous, empty, hollow:
After her paper, someone rose and wasted half an hour making pointless remarks.

Collocation dictionary


be, seem | become | consider sth, think sth
She considered it pointless to plan in too much detail.


absolutely, quite, totally, utterly | a bit, fairly, rather, somewhat | apparently

Concise English dictionary

+not having a point especially a sharp point
+serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being
+lacking import