US: /ˈpɔɪnjənt/
UK: /pˈɔ‍ɪnjənt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

poignant /'pɔinənt/
  • tính từ
    • cay
    • chua cay
      • poignant sarcasm: lời châm chọc chua cay
    • buốt nhói (đau); cồn cào
      • poignant hunger: cơn đói cồn cào
    • sâu sắc, thấm thía
      • poignant regret: mối ân hận sâu sắc
    • làm cảm động, làm mủi lòng, thương tâm

Advanced English dictionary

+ adjective
having a strong effect on your feelings, especially in a way that makes you feel sad
Synonym: MOVING
a poignant image / moment / memory + Her face was a poignant reminder of the passing of time.
poignancy noun [U]: the poignancy of parting and separation + Of particular poignancy was the photograph of their son with his sisters, taken the day before he died.
poignantly adverb

Thesaurus dictionary

1 distressing, upsetting, agonizing, grievous, painful, woeful, melancholy, blue, sad, sorrowful, tragic, disastrous, heart-rending, heart-breaking, excruciating, bitter, pathetic, pitiable, piteous, pitiful, miserable, moving, touching:
The biography also covers the poignant early years, spent largely in orphanages and foster homes
2 keen, acute, intense, incisive, sharp, stinging, pointed, piercing, penetrating, barbed, cutting, caustic, acid, acerbic, bitter, biting, mordant, sarcastic, sardonic, severe:
The headmaster's poignant remarks about honesty and loyalty really hurt
3 sincere, earnest, heartfelt, deep, profound, dramatic, deeply felt, stirring, moving, touching, emotional:
The reunion of the little boy and his dog was the most poignant moment in the film.

Collocation dictionary


be, seem, sound | become | make sth
The presence of the rest of the family made John's absence even more poignant.
| find sth


deeply, extremely, particularly, unbearably, very
I found his speech deeply poignant.
| quite

Concise English dictionary

+arousing affect
+keenly distressing to the mind or feelings