US: /ˈpis/
UK: /pˈiːs/

English Vietnamese dictionary

piece /pi:s/
  • danh từ
    • mảnh, mẩu, miếng, viên, cục, khúc...
      • a piece of paper: một mảnh giấy
      • a piece of wood: một mảnh gỗ
      • a piece of bread: một mẩu bánh mì
      • a piece of land: một mảnh đất
      • a piece of chalk: một cục phấn
      • to break something to pieces: đạp vỡ cái gì ra từng mảnh
    • bộ phận, mảnh rời
      • to take a machine to pieces: tháo rời máy ra, tháo máy thành từng mảnh rời
    • (thương nghiệp) đơn vị, cái, chiếc, tấm cuộn (vải); thùng (rượu...)
      • a piece of wine: một thùng rượu vang
      • a piece of wallpaper: một cuộn giấy dán tường (12 iat)
      • to sell by the piece: bán cả tấm, bán cả cuộn
      • a tea-service of fourteen pieces: một bộ trà mười bốn chiếc
      • a piece of furniture: một cái đồ gỗ (bàn, tủ, giường...)
    • bức (tranh); bài (thơ); bản (nhạc); vở (kịch)
      • a piece of painting: một bức tranh
      • a piece of music: một bản nhạc
      • a piece of poetry: một bài thơ
    • khẩu súng, khẩu pháo; nòng pháo
      • a battery of four pieces: một cụm pháo gồm bốn khẩu
    • quân cờ
    • cái việc, lời, dịp...
      • a piece of folly: một việc làm dại dột
      • a piece of one's mind: một lời nói thật
      • a piece of impudence: một hành động láo xược
      • a piece of advice: một lời khuyên
      • a piece of good luck: một dịp may
    • đồng tiền
      • crown piece: đồng cu-ron
      • penny piece: đồng penni
      • piece of eight: đồng pơzô (Tây ban nha)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) nhạc khí
    • (từ lóng) con bé, thị mẹt
      • a pretty piece: con bé kháu, con bé xinh xinh
      • a saucy piece: con ranh hỗn xược
    • to be all of a piece
      • cùng một giuộc; cùng một loại
    • to be of a piece with
      • cùng một giuộc với; cùng một loại với
    • to be paid by the piece
      • được trả lương theo sản phẩm
    • to go to pieces
      • (xem) go
    • in pieces
      • vở từng mảnh
    • to pull (tear) something to pieces
      • xé nát vật gì
    • to pull someone to pieces
      • phê bình ai tơi bời, đập ai tơi bời
  • ngoại động từ
    • chấp lại thành khối, ráp lại thành khối
    • nối (chỉ) (lúc quay sợi)
    • nội động từ
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (tiếng địa phương) ăn vặt, ăn quà
      • to piece on
        • chắp vào, ráp vào
      • to piece something on to another: chắp vật gì vào một vật khác
      • to piece out
        • thêm vào, thêm thắt vào
      • chắp lại thành, đúc kết thành (câu chuyện, lý thuyết)
      • to piece together
        • chắp lại với nhau, ráp lại vào nhau
      • to piece up

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    separate amount
    1 [C] ~ (of sth) (used especially with of and uncountable nouns) an amount of sth that has been cut or separated from the rest of it; a standard amount of sth: a piece of string / wood + She wrote something on a small piece of paper. + a large piece of land + a piece of cake / cheese / meat + He cut the pizza into bite-sized pieces. + I've got a piece of grit in my eye.
    2 [C, usually pl.] one of the bits or parts that sth breaks into: There were tiny pieces of glass all over the road. + The boat had been smashed to pieces on the rocks. + The vase lay in pieces on the floor.
    3 [C] one of the parts that sth is made of: He took the clock to pieces. + a missing piece of the puzzle + The bridge was taken down piece by piece. + a 500 piece jigsaw
    single item
    4 [C] (used especially with of and uncountable nouns) a single item of a particular type, especially one that forms part of a set: a piece of clothing / furniture / luggage + a piece of equipment / machinery + a 28-piece dinner service
    5 [C] ~ of sth used with many uncountable nouns to describe a single example or an amount of sth: a piece of advice / information / news + an interesting piece of research + Isn't that a piece of luck?
    6 [C] ~ (of sth) a single item of writing, art, music, etc. that sb has produced or created: a piece of art / music / poetry + They performed pieces by Bach and Handel. + (formal) They have some beautiful pieces (= works of art, etc.) in their home.
    news article
    7 [C] an article in a newspaper or magazine or a broadcast on television or radio: Did you see her piece about the Internet in the paper today?
    See also - SET PIECE
    8 [C] a coin of the value mentioned: a 50p piece + a five-cent piece
    in chess, etc.
    9 [C] one of the small figures or objects that you move around in games such as CHESS
    share of sth
    10 [sing.] ~ of sth (especially AmE) a part or share of sth: companies seeking a piece of the market
    11 [C] (AmE, slang) a gun
    Help Note: You will find other compounds ending in piece at their place in the alphabet.
    Idioms: fall to pieces
    1 (usually used in the progressive tenses) (of things) to become very old and in bad condition because of long use: Our car is falling to pieces, we've had it so long.
    2 (of a person, an organization, a plan, etc.) to stop working; to be destroyed: He's worried the business will fall to pieces without him.
    give sb a piece of your mind (informal) to tell sb that you disapprove of their behaviour or are angry with them
    go to pieces (informal) (of a person) to be so upset or afraid that you cannot manage to live or work normally: After his wife died he just went to pieces.
    (all) in one piece (informal) safe; not damaged or hurt, especially after a journey or dangerous experience: They were lucky to get home in one piece.
    (all) of a piece (formal)
    1 all the same or similar: The houses are all of a piece.
    2 all at the same time: The house was built all of a piece in 1754.
    pick / pull / tear sb/sth to pieces / shreds (informal) to criticize sb, or their work or ideas, very severely
    a piece of cake (informal) a thing that is very easy to do
    a piece of piss (BrE, !!!, slang) a thing that is very easy to do
    more at ACTION, BIT, LONG adj., NASTY, PICK v., PIE, SAY v., VILLAIN
    Phrasal Verbs: piece sth<->together
    1 to understand a story, situation, etc. by taking all the facts and details about it and putting them together: Police are trying to piece together the last hours of her life. + The account of their journey has been pieced together from personal letters and diaries.
    2 to put all the separate parts of sth together to make a complete whole: to piece together a jigsaw + She tried to piece together the cheque which he had just torn up.
    If you want to talk about a small amount or one example of something that is normally an uncountable noun, there is a range of words you can use. You must choose the right one to go with the substance you are talking about.
    Piece and (BrE, informal) bit are very general words and can be used with most uncountable nouns: a piece of paper / wood / string / cake / fruit / meat / work / research / advice + a bit of paper / work / chocolate / luck.
    A slice is a thin flat piece: a slice of bread / cake / salami / cheese / pie /apple + (figurative) a slice of life.
    A chunk is a thick, solid piece: a chunk of cheese / bread / rock + a chunk of land (= a fairly large piece).
    A lump is a piece of something solid without any particular shape: a lump of coal / rock / mud.
    A fragment is a very small piece of something that is broken or damaged: fragments of glass + (figurative) fragments of conversation. It can also be used with countable nouns to mean a small part of something:
    a fragment of the story.

    A speck is a tiny piece of powder: a speck of dust / dirt. You can also say:
    a speck of light.

    Drop is used with liquids: a drop of water / rain / blood / milk / whisky.
    A pinch is as much as you can hold between your finger and thumb: a pinch of salt / cinnamon.
    A portion is enough for one person: a portion of chicken / fish and chips. It can also be used with some countable nouns to mean a part of something.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 bit, morsel, scrap, chunk, hunk, sliver, lump, portion, particle, fragment, shred, shard or sherd, remnant, quantity:
    All the beggar wanted was a piece of bread. A piece of shrapnel is still embedded in my arm
    2 wedge, slice, serving, helping, portion:
    You may not have a piece of pie till you've eaten your vegetables.
    3 share, portion, fraction, part, division, segment, section, interest, holding, percentage, proportion:
    It turned out that a piece of the company had been sold without shareholders' approval
    4 (short) story, article, essay, report, theme, draft; poem; music, opus, (musical) number, composition, arrangement, tune, melody, song, air, jingle, ditty; production, play, drama, sketch, show:
    I read that piece about cholesterol in yesterday's paper. He wrote a piece for the flute. Which piece by Strindberg will you put on next?
    5 man, token, chessman, chess-piece, chequer, Brit draughtsman:
    Once you have touched a piece you must move it.
    6 go to pieces. fall apart, disintegrate, crumble, shatter; be shattered, be upset, be disturbed, have a nervous breakdown, go out of or lose control, break down, Colloq crack up:
    Another earthquake and this wall will go to pieces. At the news of his son's death, Joe simply went to pieces
    7 in pieces. smashed, destroyed, ruined, shattered, broken, in smithereens, smashed:
    The vase lay in pieces at my feet. Though I had won the case, my life was in pieces
    8 of a piece (with). similar, similarly constituted, alike, of the same sort or kind or type, uniform, the same, part and parcel (of the same thing), identical; in harmony, in agreement, harmonious, in keeping:
    This book is of a piece with the others in the same series. All his paintings are of a piece.
    9 piece of cake. Colloq snap, cinch, US and Canadian lead-pipe cinch, breeze:
    The French exam was a piece of cake.
    10 piece of (one's) mind. Colloq scolding, rebuke, lecture, reprimand, tongue-lashing, chiding, rap over or on the knuckles, Colloq hell, what for, dressing-down, US bawling-out, chewing-out:
    She gave him a piece of her mind about the amount of time he spent in the pub
    11 piece of the action. share, portion, interest, stake, percentage, holding, quota:
    For $1000 you can have a piece of the action.
    12 speak (one's) piece. have (one's) say, express (one's) opinion, say what is on (one's) mind; vent (one's) spleen, Colloq get a load off (one's) mind or chest:
    All were given a chance to speak their piece.
    13 piece together. assemble, put together, connect, gather, compose; fix, unite, restore, mend:
    We pieced together what happened from the witnesses' accounts. You'll never be able to piece together the bits of that lamp.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 separate amount; parts of sth


    big, huge, large, long | little, short, small, tiny
    The plate smashed into little pieces on the stone floor.
    | bite-sized
    The book breaks the information into bite-sized pieces.
    | equal | odd
    She makes her sculptures out of odd pieces of scrap metal.


    in ~s
    The vase was now in pieces on the kitchen floor.
    | ~ of
    a piece of bread A few pieces of the jigsaw were missing.


    bits and pieces
    I just need to get a few bits and pieces at the supermarket.
    | break/smash into pieces
    The cake just broke into pieces when I cut it.
    | come to pieces
    This chair comes to pieces.
    | fall to pieces
    My old dictionary is falling to pieces.
    | piece by piece
    We'll need to take the engine apart, piece by piece.
    | smash sth to pieces, take sth to pieces
    Can I take this jigsaw to pieces?
    | tear sth into/to pieces
    She tore the letter into tiny pieces.

    2 of art/music/writing, etc.


    amazing, beautiful, brilliant, fine, good, impressive, lovely, magnificent, marvellous, remarkable, superb, wonderful
    The best pieces include three paintings by El Greco.
    | effective, powerful
    This is an effective piece of writing.
    | atmospheric, dramatic | interesting | favourite | important | ambitious | original
    an original piece written specifically for the producer
    | short
    a short piece by Willie Simmonds on television satire
    | finished | occasional
    an occasional piece on the lives of ordinary people
    | centre
    | companion
    a companion piece to the portrait of Gauguin's empty chair
    | modern, period, traditional | choral, orchestral, piano | museum


    compose, produce, write
    He hasn't produced a single piece of writing this year.
    | commission | perform, play, sing | read, hear | publish | display, exhibit, show


    be called sth, be entitled sth


    ~ by
    They are exhibiting two important pieces by Calder.
    | ~ for
    a piece for symphony orchestra, choir and four soloists
    | ~ from
    She read a piece from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
    | ~ of
    a piece of jewellery


    a piece of music/sculpture/work/writing

    More information about ART WORKS


    of art a piece/work of art
    Michelangelo's Pietà is a magnificent work of art.

    collect ~
    She collects Jacobean portraits.

    display, exhibit, show ~
    The works will be displayed in the new wing of the museum.

    ~ be (put) on display/exhibition/show ~ go on display/exhibition/show
    paintings put on show for the first time The photographs are on exhibition until the end of September.

    house ~
    An annexe was built to house the sculptures.

    a series of ~
    a series of paintings by Van Gogh

    a collection/exhibition of ~
    an exhibition of early 20th century French masterpieces

    an art/photographic/photography exhibition
    The open art exhibition will allow new artists to exhibit their work.

    by ~
    a sculpture by Barbara Hepworth

    Concise English dictionary

    +a separate part of a whole
    +an item that is an instance of some type
    +a portion of a natural object
    +a musical work that has been created
    +an instance of some kind
    +an artistic or literary composition
    +a portable gun
    +a serving that has been cut from a larger portion
    +a distance
    +a work of art of some artistic value
    +a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition
    +a share of something
    +game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games
    +to join or unite the pieces of
    +create by putting components or members together
    +join during spinning
    +eat intermittently; take small bites of
    +repair by adding pieces