US: /pɝˈsweɪd/
UK: /pəswˈe‍ɪd/

English Vietnamese dictionary

persuade /pə'sweid/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho tin; thuyết phục
      • to persuade someone of something: làm cho ai tin cái gì
      • to persuade someone to do something (into doing something): thuyết phục ai làm gì
      • to be persuaded that: tin chắc rằng

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb
1 ~ sb (into sth / into doing sth) to make sb do sth by giving them good reasons for doing it: [VN to inf] Try to persuade him to come. + [VN] Please try and persuade her. + She's always easily persuaded. + I allowed myself to be persuaded into entering the competition. + I'm sure he'll come with a bit of persuading.
2 to make sb believe that sth is true
[VN that] It will be difficult to persuade them that there's no other choice. + She had persuaded herself that life was not worth living. + [VN] No one was persuaded by his arguments. + (formal) I am still not fully persuaded of the plan's merits.
persuade / convince
The main meaning of persuade is to make someone agree to do something by giving them good reasons for doing it: I tried to persuade her to see a doctor. The main meaning of convince is to make someone believe that something is true:
He convinced me he was right.

It is quite common, however, for each of these words to be used with both meanings, especially for convince to be used as a synonym for persuade: I persuaded/convinced her to see a doctor. Some speakers of BrE think that this is not correct.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 urge, induce, prevail upon, influence, exhort, importune, dispose, incline, prompt, sway, press:
The officer persuaded him to surrender.
2 bring round, convince, win over, talk or argue into, convert:
We persuaded her to open the door. He was persuaded to vote Labour.

Collocation dictionary


successfully | almost | eventually, finally | quickly | easily
She was easily persuaded to accompany us.
| gently
Dave gently persuaded the fish close enough to be lifted aboard the boat.
| personally
The education minister personally persuaded the prime minister to rethink.
| somehow
He somehow persuaded the studio to let him make the film.


attempt to, endeavour to, seek to, try to | hope to | be able/unable to, can/could | manage to
He eventually managed to persuade one of the staff to let him in.
| help (to) | be difficult to | fail to


She was persuaded into buying an expensive dress.
| of
We must persuade the government of the need for change.


an attempt/effort to persuade sb
an unsuccessful attempt to persuade her colleagues
| be reluctantly persuaded
I was reluctantly persuaded to join the committee.
| have difficulty (in) persuading sb
They had difficulty in persuading the two sides to sit down together.

Concise English dictionary

persuades|persuaded|persuadingpər'sweɪd /pə's-
+win approval or support for
+cause somebody to adopt a certain position, belief, or course of action; twist somebody's arm