US: /ˈpɝmiˌeɪt/
UK: /pˈɜːmɪˌe‍ɪt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

permeate /'pə:mieit/
  • động từ
    • thấm vào, thấm qua
      • water permeates sand: nước thấm vào cát
    • tràn ngập
    • (+ through, among, into) toả ra, lan khắp

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (formal)
1 (of a liquid, gas, etc.) to spread to every part of an object or a place: [VN] The smell of leather permeated the room. + The air was permeated with the odour of burning rubber. + [V +adv./prep.] rainwater permeating through the ground
2 (of an idea, an influence, a feeling, etc.) to affect every part of sth: [VN] a belief that permeates all levels of society + A feeling of unease permeates the novel. + [V +adv./prep.] Dissatisfaction among the managers soon permeated down to members of the workforce.
permeation noun [U] (formal)

Thesaurus dictionary

imbue, diffuse, penetrate, pervade, infiltrate, enter, spread through(out), saturate, seep through(out), percolate through, soak through:
He felt the warmth permeate every limb. Greed seemed to permeate every level of society.

Concise English dictionary

permeates|permeated|permeating'pɜrmɪeɪt /'pɜː-
+spread or diffuse through
+pass through
+penetrate mutually or be interlocked