US: /pɝˈsiv/
UK: /pəsˈiːv/

English Vietnamese dictionary

perceive /pə'si:v/
  • ngoại động từ
    • hiểu, nhận thức, lĩnh hội
      • to perceive the point of an argument: hiểu được điểm chính của một lý lẽ
    • thấy, trông thấy; nghe thấy, cảm thấy, ngửi thấy

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (written)
1 to notice or become aware of sth: [VN] I perceived a change in his behaviour. + [V that] She perceived that all was not well. + [VN to inf] The patient was perceived to have difficulty in breathing.
Help Note: This pattern is usually used in the passive.
2 ~ sth (as sth) to understand or think of sth in a particular way: [VN] This discovery was perceived as a major breakthrough. + She did not perceive herself as disabled. + A science degree and artistic interests are often perceived as incompatible. + [VN to inf] They were widely perceived to have been unlucky.
Help Note: This pattern is usually used in the passive.
perceive v.
perception n.
perceptive adj.
perceptible adj. (=/= imperceptible)

Thesaurus dictionary

1 see, make out, discern, catch sight of, glimpse, spot, espy, apprehend, take in, notice, note, discover, descry, observe, mark, remark, identify, distinguish, detect:
I perceived his hesitation when a solo flight was suggested. She perceived a strange odour emanating from the cupboard.
2 appreciate, grasp, feel, sense, apprehend, understand, gather, comprehend, deduce, infer, figure out, ascertain, determine, conclude, decipher, Colloq dig, catch on:
She perceived that he was going to renege on his promise to take her to the Riviera.
3 Often, perceive of. regard, view, look on, consider, contemplate, judge, deem, believe, think:
Calthorpe perceives of himself as a great actor, but he is dreadful. This gesture is often perceived as threatening.

Collocation dictionary


clearly | dimly
Babies are weak and vulnerable in the presence of huge shapes that they can only dimly perceive.
| directly
the world of directly perceived objects
| differently
Risks are perceived differently by different people.
| easily, readily
The industrial bias of canal building can be readily perceived by looking at Figure 7.3.
| correctly | immediately


be able/unable to, can/could | fail to | be difficult to


The General's words were perceived as a threat by neighbouring countries.


commonly/generally/widely perceived
It is widely perceived as a women's health problem, but it does also affect men.
| a failure/an inability to perceive sth

Concise English dictionary

perceives|perceived|perceivingpər'sɪːv /pə'-
+to become aware of through the senses
+become conscious of