US: /ˈpæθ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

  • bước, đường đi; quỹ đạo
  • p. of continuous group quỹ đạo trong một nhóm liên tục
  • p. of a projectile đường đạn
  • asymptotic p. (giải tích) đường tiệm cận
  • closed p. đường đóng
  • edge p. đường gấp khúc, đường cạnh
  • free p. đường di động tự do
  • homotopic p.s đường đi đồng luân
  • inverse p. đường nghịch
  • mean free p. đường tự do trung bình
  • minimal p. đường cực tiểu
  • product p. đường tích
  • random p. đường đi ngẫu nhiên

Advanced English dictionary

+ noun (also pathway)
1 a way or track that is built or is made by the action of people walking: a concrete path + the garden path + Follow the path through the woods. + to walk along a path + The path led up a steep hill. + a coastal path
See also - FOOTPATH
2 a line along which sb/sth moves; the space in front of sb/sth as they move: He threw himself into the path of an oncoming vehicle. + The avalanche forced its way down the mountain, crushing everything in its path. + Three men blocked her path.
See also - FLIGHT PATH
3 a plan of action or a way of achieving sth: a career path + the path to freedom / success / victory
Idioms see BEAT v., CROSS v., LEAD v., PRIMROSE, SMOOTH v.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 footpath, pathway, tow-path, track, trail, walk, walkway, Brit footway:
A little kitten was sitting on the garden path.
2 way, course, track, route, road; orbit, trajectory, circuit:
She had to overcome many obstacles in her path to the directorship. The path of the missile will take it outside the atmosphere
3 course, approach, channel, direction, procedure, process, way, avenue, means, method, technique, strategy, scheme, plan, Colloq US game plan, scenario:
What path would you follow to accomplish your ends?

Collocation dictionary

1 way across land


long | narrow | steep | winding | cliff, coast, coastal, forest, garden, woodland | pedestrian, public | cycle | bridle


follow, go along/down/up, take
Follow this path for about 100 metres, and it's on your right.
| climb | keep on/to, stay on | leave, stray off | clear, make
A path was cleared through the jungle.


go, run
That path goes down to the sea.
| descend | follow sth
The path follows the stream for quite a way.
| branch off, leave sth
The path left the river bank and wound its way into the woods.
| divide, fork | go to sth, lead (to) sth
Where does this path lead?
| bear left/right | wind, zig-zag
Then the path zig-zags steeply uphill for a while.
| be marked (sth), be signposted (sth)
The path is clearly marked.
| narrow, widen


along/down/up a/the ~
children running along the path
| on a/the ~
I think we're on the path we used yesterday.
| ~ along/beside/by
the path along the canal
| ~ for
a path for cyclists
| ~ from
the path from the hotel to the beach
| ~ through
I took the path through the park.
| ~ to

2 line of movement


correct | flight
The pilot was instructed to change his flight path.


He steered a path through the crowd.
| trace
Scientists can trace the path of the tornado.
| block, stand in
You're standing in my path!


across sth's ~
The car pulled right across the path of another vehicle.
| in/into the sth's ~
She stepped into the path of an oncoming lorry.
| out of sth's ~
I managed to jump out of the path of the bike just in time.
| ~ through
Footsteps had scored a diagonal path through the snow.
| ~ to
He moved quickly to block her path to the door.


everything in sb/sth's path
The tornado destroyed everything in its path.

3 way of achieving sth


well-trodden, well-worn
Her education followed the usual well-worn path of rich youngsters in the 1930s.
| chosen | career


choose, find
Everyone has to find their own path in life.
| follow, pursue, tread | deviate from


on a/the ~
His feet were now firmly on the path to success.
| ~ of
The path of true love is never easy.
| ~ to
the path to happiness


obstacles in sb/sth's path

Concise English dictionary

pathspæθ /pɑːθ
+a course of conduct
+a way especially designed for a particular use
+an established line of travel or access
+a line or route along which something travels or moves