US: /ˈpɑɹt/
UK: /pˈɑːt/

English Vietnamese dictionary

part /pɑ:t/
  • danh từ
    • phần, bộ phận, tập (sách)
      • [a] great part of this story is true: phần lớn chuyện đó là đúng
      • [a] part of them have arrived: một số trong bọn họ đã đến
      • 3 parts of sugar, 5 of flour: 3 phần đường, 5 phần bột
      • spare parts of a machine: phụ tùng của máy
    • bộ phận cơ thể
      • the [privy] parts: chỗ kín (bộ phận sinh dục)
    • phần việc, nhiệm vụ
      • I have done my part: tôi đã làm phần việc của tôi
      • it was not my part to interfere: tôi không có nhiệm vụ can thiệp vào
      • to have neither part nor lot in: không có dính dáng gì vào
    • vai, vai trò; lời nói của một vai kịch; bản chép lời của một vai kịch
      • her part was well: vai chị ấy đóng giỏi
      • they don't know their parts yet: họ không thuộc lời các vai của họ
      • to play an important part in the negotiations: giữ một vai quan trọng trong cuộc đàm phán
      • to play a part: (nghĩa bóng) đóng kịch, giả vờ
    • (số nhiều) nơi, vùng
      • I am a stranger in these parts: tôi là một người lạ trong vùng này
    • phía, bè
      • to take someone's part; to take part with someone: đứng về phía ai, về bè với ai, ủng hộ ai
    • (âm nhạc) bè
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) tài năng
      • a man of [good] part: một người có tài
    • for my part
      • về phần tôi
    • for the most part
      • phần lớn, phần nhiều
    • in part
      • một phần, phần nào
    • on one's part; on the part of
      • về phía
    • there was no objection on his part: anh ta không phản đối gì
    • he apologized on the part of his young brother: anh ấy xin lỗi hộ em anh ấy
    • part and parcel
      • (xem) parcel
    • part of speech
      • (ngôn ngữ học) loại từ
    • to take someething in good part
      • không chấp nhất điều gì; không phật ý về việc gì
    • to take part in
      • tham gia vào
  • ngoại động từ
    • chia thành từng phần, chia làm đôi
    • rẽ ra, tách ra, tách làm đôi
      • to part the crowd: rẽ đám đông ra
      • to part one's hair: rẽ đường ngôi (tóc)
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phân phối, chia phần (cái gì)
    • nội động từ
      • rẽ ra, tách ra, đứt
        • the crowd parted anf let him through: đám đông rẽ ra cho anh ấy đi
        • the cord parted: thừng đứt ra
      • chia tay, từ biệt, ra đi
        • they parted in joy: họ hoan hỉ chia tay nhau
        • let us part friends: chúng ta hãy vui vẻ chia tay nhau
        • to part from (with) somebody: chia tay ai
      • chết
      • (+ with) bỏ, lìa bỏ
        • to part with one's property: bỏ của cải
      • to part brass rags with somebody
        • (xem) brass
      • to part company with
        • cắt đắt quan hệ bầu bạn với
    • phó từ
      • một phần
        • it is made part of iron and part of wood: cái đó làm một phần bằng sắt một phần bằng gỗ

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb, adverb
    + noun
    1 [U] ~ of sth some but not all of a thing: We spent part of the time in the museum. + Part of the building was destroyed in the fire. + Voters are given only part of the story (= only some of the information). + Part of me feels sorry for him (= I feel partly, but not entirely, sorry for him).
    2 [C] a section, piece or feature of sth: The early part of her life was spent in Paris. + The novel is good in parts. + We've done the difficult part of the job. + The procedure can be divided into two parts. + The worst part was having to wait three hours in the rain.
    3 [U] a member of sth; a person or thing that, together with others, makes up a single unit: You need to be able to work as part of a team.
    of machine
    4 [C] a piece of a machine or structure: aircraft parts + the working parts of the machinery + spare parts
    of body / plant
    5 [C] a separate piece or area of a human or animal body or of a plant: the parts of the body
    See also - PRIVATE PARTS
    region / area
    6 [C] an area or a region of the world, a country, a town, etc: the northern part of the country + a plant that grows in many parts of the world + Which part of London do you come from? + Come and visit us if you're ever in our part of the world.
    7 (parts) [pl.] (old-fashioned, informal) a region or an area: She's not from these parts. + He's just arrived back from foreign parts.
    of book / series
    8 [C] (abbreviation pt) a section of a book, television series, etc., especially one that is published or broadcast separately: an encyclopedia published in 25 weekly parts + Henry IV, Part II + The final part will be shown next Sunday evening.
    for actor
    9 [C] a role played by an actor in a play, film/movie, etc.; the words spoken by an actor in a particular role: She was very good in the part. + Have you learned your part yet? + (figurative) He's always playing a part (= pretending to be sth that he is not).
    in music
    10 [C] music for a particular voice or instrument in a group singing or playing together: the clarinet part + four-part harmony
    equal portion
    11 [C] a unit of measurement that allows you to compare the different amounts of substances in sth: Add three parts wine to one part water. + fluoride levels of 0.2 parts per million
    in hair
    12 [C] (AmE) = PARTING
    Idioms: the best / better part of sth most of sth, especially a period of time; more than half of sth: He drank the best part of a bottle of Scotch waiting for her to get home. + The journey took her the better part of an hour.
    for the most part mostly; usually: The contributors are, for the most part, professional scientists.
    for my, his, their, etc. part speaking for myself, etc.
    Synonym: PERSONALLY
    have a part to play (in sth) to be able to help sth: We all have a part to play in the fight against crime.
    have / play a part (in sth) to be involved in sth: She plays an active part in local politics. + Alcohol plays a part in 70 per cent of divorces.
    have / play / take / want no part in / of sth to not be involved or refuse to be involved in sth, especially because you disapprove of it: He had no part in the decision. + I want no part of this sordid business.
    in part partly; to some extent: Her success was due in part to luck.
    look / dress the part to have an appearance or wear clothes suitable for a particular job, role or position
    a man / woman of (many) parts a person with many skills
    on the part of sb / on sb's part made or done by sb: It was an error on my part.
    part and parcel of sth an essential part of sth: Keeping the accounts is part and parcel of my job.
    part of the furniture a person or thing that you are so used to seeing that you no longer notice them: I worked there so long that I became part of the furniture.
    take sth in good part (BrE) to accept sth slightly unpleasant without complaining or being offended: He took the teasing in good part.
    take part (in sth) to be involved in sth
    Synonym: PARTICIPATE
    to take part in a discussion / demonstration / fight / celebration + How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games?
    take sb's part (BrE) to support sb, for example in an argument: His mother always takes his part.
    more at DISCRETION, LARGE, SUM n.
    + verb
    leave sb
    1 [V] ~ (from sb) (formal) if a person parts from another person, or two people part, they leave each other: We parted at the airport. + I hate to part on such bad terms. + He has recently parted from his wife (= they have started to live apart). + I never forgot his parting words (= what he said as he left).
    See also - PARTING adj.
    keep apart
    2 [VN] [often passive] ~ sb (from sb) (formal) to prevent sb from being with sb else: I hate being parted from the children. + The puppies were parted from their mother at birth.
    move away
    3 if two things or parts of things part or you part them, they move away from each other: [V] The crowd parted in front of them. + The elevator doors parted and out stepped the President. + [VN] Her lips were slightly parted. + She parted the curtains a little and looked out.
    4 [VN] to divide your hair into two sections with a comb, creating a line that goes from the back of your head to the front: He parts his hair in the middle.
    See also - PARTING n.
    Idioms: part company (with / from sb)
    1 to leave sb; to end a relationship with sb: This is where we part company (= go in different directions). + The band have parted company with their manager. + The band and their manager have parted company.
    2 to disagree with sb about sth: Weber parted company with Marx on a number of important issues.
    Phrasal Verbs: part with sth to give sth to sb else, especially sth that you would prefer to keep: Make sure you read the contract before parting with any money.
    + adverb (often in compounds) consisting of two things; to some extent but not completely: She's part French, part English. + His feelings were part anger, part relief. + The course is part funded by the European Commission. + He is part owner of a farm in France.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 piece, portion, division, allotment, share, percentage, participation, interest; parcel, fragment, scrap, shard; some:
    I bought a part of the company when it was available. I want no part of the deal now
    2 portion, component, factor, constituent, element, ingredient:
    A part of her problem is that she doesn't speak Japanese.
    3 role, function, duty, responsibility, share; say, voice, influence, participation, involvement, business:
    Every man must do his part. Don't thank me! I had no part in your getting the contract
    4 role, character:
    He plays the part of Tweedledum in the school play.
    5 side, interest, cause, behalf, faction, party:
    Which part did you support in the argument? No explanation has been offered on either part.
    6 neighbourhood, quarter, section, district, region, area, corner, vicinity, vicinage, Colloq neck of the woods:
    I come from the same part of the country as you.
    7 piece, portion, segment, section; department, division, component, unit:
    Which part of the turkey do you prefer? In which part of the company do you work?
    8 for the most part. mostly, generally, usually, mainly, in the main, by and large, on the whole, chiefly, principally, essentially, for all practical purposes, to all intents and purposes, in most cases or instances:
    The shops are for the most part closed on Sunday.
    9 in part. partly, partially, to some extent or degree, in some measure, relatively, comparatively, somewhat:
    He is himself in part responsible for the present state of affairs.
    10 on the part of (someone) or on (someone's or one's) part. by, on or US also in behalf of, (as) for, as regards, as far as (someone) is concerned, in the name of, for the sake of, in support of:
    Tyrannical acts on the part of the king were not condoned. For my part, I want nothing to do with it
    11 take (a) part (in). participate (in), join (in), be (a) party to, play a part or role (in), be involved (in or with), associate oneself (with), have or take a hand in, partake (of), contribute (to):
    Why insist that she take part in your nefarious plot? People began to sing, but she didn't feel like taking part.
    12 separate, part company, split up, go his or her (or their) separate way(s), break up, say or bid goodbye (or adieu, etc.); leave, depart, go (away or off):
    We parted on the best of terms.
    13 separate, divide, put or pull apart, put asunder:
    I saw a pale hand part the curtains for a brief moment. A fool and his money are soon parted
    14 part with. give up, yield, relinquish, release, sacrifice, forgo, renounce, forsake, let go, surrender:
    I doubt that you'll persuade Rover to part with his bone.
    15 partial, fractional, limited:
    Ronald is a part owner of the company.

    Collocation dictionary

    1 piece/area/period/division, etc. of sth


    big, good, greater, large, major, significant, substantial
    We spent a good part of the day rehearsing. The greater part of the building has been refurbished.
    | minor, small | equal
    Cut it into four equal parts.
    | important, main, principal | basic, central, essential, fundamental, indispensable, vital | integral, intrinsic | separate | inseparable | component, constituent | best | worst
    The worst part was having to wait three hours.
    | difficult, hard
    I gave up once I got to the hard part.
    | easy | early
    In the early part of his career he worked in India.
    | latter
    the latter part of the century
    | different, distinct, various | foreign
    travellers returning from foreign parts
    | separate | inseparable | component, constituent
    Break it down into its constituent parts.
    | private
    (= sexual organs)


    constitute, fall into, form
    The book falls into three distinct parts.
    | break sth down into, divide sth into, split sth into


    in ~
    Your salary depends in part on your qualifications. The film is good in parts. a serial in four parts
    | ~ of
    Part of me wants to stay and part of me doesn't.


    the parts of the body

    2 a piece of a machine


    Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

    3 role in a play, film, etc.


    big, leading | bit, small, walk-on | speaking


    have, play, take | learn | look
    He was a pirate in the school play and certainly looked the part.


    in the ~
    He's very good in the part.
    | ~ of
    She played the part of Juliet.

    4 share in an activity, event, etc.


    big, leading, major
    Luck played a big part in it.
    | minor | central, significant, vital | active


    He had no part in the scam.
    | do, play, take
    She did her part in bringing them back together.


    ~ in
    They took little part in the discussion.

    Concise English dictionary

    +something determined in relation to something that includes it
    +the extended spatial location of something
    +in so far as the actor specified is concerned
    +something less than the whole of a human artifact
    +one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole
    +the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
    +a portion of a natural object
    +an actor's portrayal of someone in a play
    +assets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group
    +any one of a number of individual efforts in a common endeavor
    +the melody carried by a particular voice or instrument in polyphonic music
    +a line of scalp that can be seen when sections of hair are combed in opposite directions
    +go one's own way; move apart
    +discontinue an association or relation; go different ways
    +come apart
    +force, take, or pull apart
    +in part; in some degree; not wholly