US: /ˈpɑɹsəɫ/
UK: /pˈɑːsə‍l/

English Vietnamese dictionary

parcel /'pɑ:sl/
  • danh từ
    • gói; bưu kiện ((cũng) postal parcel)
    • (thương nghiệp) chuyển hàng (số hàng trong một lần giao dịch)
    • mảnh đất, miếng đất
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phần
      • part and parcel: bộ phận khắng khít (của một vật)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) lũ, bọn, bầy
      • a parcel of fools: một lũ ngốc
  • ngoại động từ
    • chia thành từng phần ((thường) to parcel out)
    • (hàng hải) che (đường xảm tàu) bằng dải vải bạt có nhựa đường; bọc (dây châo...) bằng dải vải bạt có nhựa đường
    • phó từ
      • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phần nào
        • parcel gilt: mạ vàng một phần
        • a parcel gilt cup: cái cốc mạ vàng bên trong
        • parcel blind: nửa mù, mù dở

    Advanced English dictionary

    noun, verb
    + noun
    1 (especially BrE) (AmE usually package) something that is wrapped in paper or put into a thick envelope so that it can be sent by mail, carried easily, or given as a present: There's a parcel and some letters for you. + She was carrying a parcel of books under her arm. + The prisoners were allowed food parcels.
    2 a piece of land: 50 five-acre parcels have already been sold.
    Idioms see PART n.
    + verb (especially BrE) (-ll-, AmE -l-) [VN] ~ sth (up) to wrap sth up and make it into a parcel: She parcelled up the books to send.
    Phrasal Verbs: parcel sth<->out to divide sth into parts or between several people: The land was parcelled out into small lots. + More than $2 million was parceled out to beneficiaries.

    Thesaurus dictionary

    1 package, packet, carton, box, container, case:
    We are sending food parcels to the needy.
    2 portion, plot, plat, lot, piece, section, tract:
    We have bought a small parcel of land and plan to build on it next year
    3 lot, group, batch, collection, pack, bundle, set:
    She gathered a parcel of drawings and published them as a travel sketchbook.
    4 Often, parcel out. apportion, allot, deal (out), dole (out), mete (out), hand out, distribute, share (out), divide, Colloq divvy (up):
    Before he died he parcelled out his fortune amongst his grandchildren.

    Collocation dictionary


    bulky | neat | brown-paper | gift-wrapped, tissue-wrapped, etc. | clothing, food


    post, send | get, receive | make sth (up) into, pack (up), wrap, wrap sth (up) in
    The waiter had our left-over food made up into a parcel to take home.
    | open, unpack, unwrap




    in a/the ~ | ~ from, ~ to


    laden/loaded with parcels
    He came in laden with parcels for the children.

    Concise English dictionary

    parcelled|parcelling|parcels|parceled|parceling'pɑrsl /'pɑːsl
    +a wrapped container
    +the allotment of some amount by dividing something
    +an extended area of land
    +a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
    +divide into parts
    +cover with strips of canvas
    +make into a wrapped container