US: /ˈoʊ/
UK: /ˈə‍ʊ/

English Vietnamese dictionary

owe /ou/
  • động từ
    • nợ, hàm ơn
      • I owe you for your services: tôi chịu ơn anh về những việc anh giúp
    • có được (cái gì...), nhờ ở (ai)
      • we owe to Newton the principle of gravitation: chúng ta có nguyên lý về trọng lực là nhờ ở Niu-tơn
    • to owe somebody a grudge
      • (xem) grudge

Advanced English dictionary

+ verb (not used in the progressive tenses)
1 ~ sth (to sb) (for sth)
~ (sb) sth (for sth) to have to pay sb for sth that you have already received or return money that you have borrowed: [VNN, VN] She still owes her father £3 000. + She still owes £3 000 to her father + [VN] The country owes billions of dollars to foreign creditors. + [VNN] How much do I owe you for the groceries? + (figurative) I'm still owed three days' leave.
2 ~ sth to sb
~ sb sth to feel that you ought to do sth for sb or give them sth, especially because they have done sth for you: [VN] I owe a debt of gratitude to all my family. + You owe it to your staff to be honest with them. + [VNN] You owe me a favour! + Thanks for sticking up for me-I owe you one (= I owe you a favour). + I think you owe us an explanation. + I think we're owed an apology.
Help Note: The passive is not used in this meaning except with a person as the subject: An apology is owed to us.
3 ~ sth to sb/sth
~ sb sth to exist or be successful because of the help or influence of sb/sth: [VN] He owes his success to hard work. + The play owes much to French tragedy. + [VN, VNN] I owe everything to him. + I owe him everything. + [VNN] I knew that I owed the surgeon my life.
4 [VN] ~ allegiance / loyalty / obedience (to sb) (formal) to have to obey or be loyal to sb who is in a position of authority or power: All serfs owed allegiance to a lord.

Thesaurus dictionary

1 be in debt to, be indebted to, be beholden to:
It must be a good feeling not to owe anyone any money at all.
2 owing to. because of, on account of, thanks to; through, as a result of, resulting from, Colloq due to:
Owing to my schedule, I cannot stay the night. The higher tides are owing to the positions of the sun and moon.

Concise English dictionary

+be obliged to pay or repay
+be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense
+be in debt